Yes! You CAN Have Light Kitchen Cabinets and Dark Floors!

As you become a grownup and learn all of the facts of life, two undeniable truths emerge: you should never wear black pants with brown shoes and you should never combine light-coloured kitchen cabinets with dark floors.

Only one of these is actually true, though.

I am here to tell you that you can install light cabinets in a kitchen with dark floors and have it look absolutely stunning. There are reasons for doing this (and reasons for avoiding it), so let’s discuss what your kitchen is like—as well as the end result you’re going for.


What Look Matches Your Style?

For some, an all-white kitchen is the epitome of style. Others find it to be sterile-looking. If you’re considering light-coloured cabinetry for your Toronto home, a dark-toned floor can add warmth and security. Talk to a designer at Kitchen and Bath. Research photos online to get an idea of what different colour combinations will look like together.


Big and Airy or Small and Darker?

The kind of kitchen space you have will also determine what floor and cabinet colours will complement it best. Dark colours—whether in flooring or cabinetry—will make a space look smaller, while lighter colours will open it up and make it appear larger. Light is also a consideration. Do you have lots of windows or light fixtures that give your kitchen a bright and airy feel? If so, dark floors could look beautiful. If your kitchen tends to have less light, darker floors may be overwhelming.


Kids and Pets: Will Dark Floors Stand up to Life in Your Home?

One thing that many Toronto-area homeowners don’t find out until it’s too late: dark wood floors show scratches more than lighter wood. Dark wood flooring is simply lighter wood that’s been stained, so if you put a scratch or gouge in it, you’re going to see the light wood beneath—and thus, the scratch. Dark tile or natural stone will better hold up to abuse, but it will show debris and pet hair more easily.

Think about your lifestyle and choose accordingly. Medium or lighter-coloured flooring may be best if any of the above will be problems.


Do You Want Your Kitchen to Stand out or Blend in?

What kind of flooring are you using throughout the rest of your home? Do you want to tie your kitchen in with the rest of the house or separate it as its own individual space? You don’t have to match your kitchen flooring to the rest of the house, but you’ll have to consider whether you’ll be ok with the kitchen flooring not flowing seamlessly into the next room.  
When it comes to kitchen designs, a lot is up to your own personal opinions and tastes. One of the designers at Kitchen and Bath can help guide you away from any hardcore design faux pas while helping you optimize your kitchen to your lifestyle and your decor preferences.

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