Remodelling 101: Creating an Efficient Kitchen Space


If youve ever watched a restaurant chef at their jobeither on TV or in real lifeyouve probably noticed how quickly theyre able to get things done. This is partly due to their culinary training, but its also because of how they have their kitchen space organized. Everything they need is right at hand; they dont have to go hunting or digging for anything.

The same thing that holds true for restaurant kitchens should hold true for the kitchen in your Toronto home: it should be organized in a way that makes it user-friendly. Here are some rules to follow when you remodel your kitchen to ensure that the end product is one thats well-organized and efficient.


Common Sense Organization

When placing items in your cabinets, use a common sense system based on what you use most often and arrange things accordingly. This means that your most-used items need to be on the easy-to-reach shelves. In upper cabinets, this means that everyday items will go on lower shelves. In base cabinets, items you grab most often will go on the higher shelves. Put less-used items on the medium-height shelves in your upper cabinets, as well as in your base cabinets. For the items that you only pull out a couple of times a year, place them on the highest and lowest shelves in your upper and base cabinets, respectively. This way, everything you need on a regular basis will be close-at-hand and the only time youll have to climb on a ladder or stoop low will be to pull out that cake pan for the special Christmas cake you make every December.


A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

If you have a proper storage space for every item in your kitchen, it will make finding things much easier while youre cooking. It will also make cleanup less of a hassle, as you wont have to think about where to put everything. When youre starting from scratch in a new kitchen, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to organize your items. A good rule for kitchen organization is to create four key areas: an area for food prep, an area for all of your cooking, a baking space, and an area where you store clean up items. Store items for each activity near the area where they will be performed. Clean up items should be stored away from any food items, but they should be kept at hand so that theyre easily accessible.


Talk to an Expert Who Knows All the Tricks
In addition to these tips, a professional kitchen design expert like the ones at Kitchen and Bath will know all the ways you can turn your kitchen into a confusing, cluttered room into a clean and well-organized space that makes cooking easy and even enjoyable! They know where certain things should be stored and why. They know about the latest and greatest in storage solutionsthings like cabinets that open to reveal roll-out shelves that pull all the way out and allow you to access items stored in the very back. They can help you put trash cans and step stools out of sight by suggesting hide-away versions that keep your kitchen clear of unnecessary items. They know how to utilize every single bit of available space in your kitchen so that none of it goes to waste.

To get started on the process of creating the kitchen of your dreams, contact the team at Kitchen and Bath and schedule a free in-home consultation.Additional Articles about Kitchen Cabinets: