Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Do you still have enough room in your kitchen cabinets? Like everyone you have probably collected more stuff over the years, without getting rid of things that still work well and now your cabinets are stuffed full. It has become hard to find what you want or get what you do want because it is in the back of the cabinet.

Maybe your cabinets have wasted space in the corners, space that could be used to help organize your pots, pans, and bakeware but it is hard to get to it if it is shoved back into the corner areas with no doors to get to it.

In the past, the answer was a lazy Suzanne type of space in the corners that turned out so you could find spices, pots, or pans. That however took up just as much room and while it was useful there was still some areas of wasted space.

So how do you get the most out of that wasted space now days?

Today there all new space saving mechanisms that can be used and not just in the corner cabinets, any cabinet you wish to be able to get to the back of easily or keep items organized. There are roll out shelves and drawers for things like a recycle bin.

Lower cabinets

Let’s use lower cabinets as an example. The lower cabinets can be updated by installing new shelves that are put on rollers, or with a wire rack or basket system that works in the same manner. What this allows is for you to place your pots in the cabinet clear to the back and readily get to them for use. You simply pull the shelf out. You can also choose to have some storage for the lids to those pans and pots to keep them together and safe from damage.

The corner cabinets on the lower part can be done with this system also, this section simply slides out, then slides 90 degrees to the side to bring the back area up and out to the front so you can get to what is stored there. No more standing on your head or kneeling down to get what you need and then having to get back up. Everything is essential with in your fingertips with style of space saver.

Upper cabinets

After having your lower cabinets organized and the storage space that was lost now in use, you will find you have more space in your upper cabinets with which to work. You will now be able to organize your plates, bowls, and saucers that you use every day to eat on. Platters for serving and bowls can also have space to be organized.


Your pantry can also gain extra space and more organization with pull out shelves. Not just the shelves in the cabinet but also on the door of the cabinet. By placing pull out shelves on door for spices you will save room for canned and dry goods while keeping your spices organized and within easy reach.

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