Kitchen Hardware

Perhaps youre getting tired of your current kitchen. Maybe youve lived in your Toronto home for many years and youre simply ready for an update. Or maybe youve purchased a new home and the kitchen doesnt quite match your style. It can be frustrating when youre ready for an update and dont want to spend the time or money to completely remodel.

The good news is that you can refresh your kitchen and give it a completely different vibe without spending a lot of time or large amounts of money. To do this, simply change the hardware! It may sound too simple, but a change in cabinet and drawer hardware really can make your kitchen look completely different.

Hardware for Every Style

It can be tough to imagine what your kitchen could look like with new hardware, so here are a few ideas of the style youll achieve with different knobs and pulls. The great thing about trying new hardware is that its not a major commitment. You can purchase a few different ones, take them home and try them out, and if you dont like certain ones, return them and exchange them for the ones that work best. 


If you prefer a more traditional style, crystal knobs will work perfectly. If you have ornate cabinetry, hardware thats topped with crystal will look beautiful without taking away from the fine-carved details of the woodwork of the cabinets themselves. Theyll allow light to shine through, making them sparkle and glow.


You can get a throwback look for your kitchen without scouring antique stores by trying copper hardware on your cabinets. These knobs and pulls are artificially distressed and made to look old. They look beautiful on a variety of cabinets, but they will especially pop when paired with white cabinetsgiving them a true vintage style.



Some Toronto homeowners want to go for a worn, rustic look in their kitchens. If youve worked to achieve this style in the cabinets themselves, its especially important to make sure the hardware reflects it, as well. Look for hardware in a hammered-metal style (such as hammered iron) that gives it a beaten, weathered look. Even if your cabinets look brand-new, pairing them with rustic knobs and pulls will give them an interesting, time-worn feel.



Sleek, contemporary kitchens are becoming increasingly popular these days. Many homeowners want minimalist kitchens with clean linesboth because of the way they look and because such kitchens are easy to care for and clean. For this style of kitchen, tubular pulls are perfect. These can be installed horizontally to be used as drawer pulls, as well as vertically to be used on cabinets. Stainless steel, brushed nickel, or bright chromethere are drawer pulls available in a variety of modern finishes. 

Changing from Handles to Knobs (and Vice-Versa)

Although making the switch from old kitchen handles to a new set of knobs isnt a huge change in the grand scheme of things, there may be more involved than simply grabbing a screwdriver and removing a few screws. Especially if youre changing the kind of hardware thats on your cabinetry, you may end up with existing holes that are in the completely wrong place for the new hardware youd like to install.

This problem can be easily overcome with using wood filler to fill in unneeded holes. Next, youll need to carefully sand and paint over the holesrendering them invisible. Finally, youre ready to install your new hardware!
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