The Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

You may be wondering just what the best way to clean your kitchen cabinets would be. That will depend on the type of cabinet you have. Is it natural wood, painted, metal? Painted and metal cabinets can withstand more scrubbing than natural wood, but do pay attention to the cleaner you use on painted and natural wood cabinets.

For normal spills and drops you can simply use warm soapy water for dishes to wipe up the spill. Weekly you can use warm water with some dawn or some other mild degreaser in it will wash the areas that are closest to your stove where they get splattered with grease. Just be sure to read the labels of the cleaners to make sure they are good for wood or paint.

Cleaner choices

There are many cleaners on the market, multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, and more. Which should be used on natural wood?  For natural wood you want something that is not too harsh but will cut through grease and grime. Murphy’s Oil Soap is the number one choice, but there are other all natural cleaners out there. There is also Guardsman, and of course the Amish Dutch Glow.

For painted surfaces, warm water and an all-purpose cleaner can be used. Once you rub the cleaner in and loosed the grime and grease, take a clean cloth and plain warm water to rinse off the cleaner. Then dry with a soft cloth.

For metal, you can use the same all-purpose cleaner as on painted surfaces, rinse, and dry.

After cleaning

After you have cleaned and dried your cabinets, polish them. Use furniture polish, spray it on a soft cloth and then rub it on in circular motions. Follow that by buffing it with a clean soft buffing cloth. Work on one section at a time with the furniture polish. This will help keep the grime and grease from building up and also give your cabinets a beautiful shine.

Homemade cleaners

You can mix white vinegar with warm water, 1 cup each to scrub kitchen cabinets. For a beautiful shine, add a few drops of olive oil. You can also citrus oil to make it smell nicer.

Baking soda paste, mix enough water with baking soda to form a paste. Dip your cloth in the paste and work on hardened spills with this solution. It will not hurt your wood.

Things to remember when cleaning your cabinets

Remember always read labels to make sure the product you are going to use are safe for wood.

Daily wipe downs with warm soapy dish water in areas that are closest to areas that you cook, will go a long way to keeping the build of grease and grime to a minimum which keeps you from having to scrub so hard.

Once every few months wash down the entire kitchen cabinetry with warm soapy water, dry and apply polish again.

A couple times of years do a deep clean with something like Murphy’s Oil Soap and then polish again.

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