Your Kitchen Cabinet Guide: What to Know and Look For

Before you start replacing your kitchen cabinets, you will first need to choose the cabinets that you want to use. There are some things that you should look for when you are shopping for your cabinets and these things will help ensure that you choose the right ones for your kitchen. Let’s take a look at what those things are below.

  1. Settle on a Colour

To help minimize all of the cabinet choice you have, try to decide on a colour first. If you are able to narrow down what colour kitchen cabinets you want, you will be able to eliminate any options where that colour or style of wood is not available.

  1. Choose a Brand That’s Certified

When you shop for kitchen cabinets, make sure to look for a brand that is certified. The certification you are looking for is from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. What this certification means to you is that the cabinets are guaranteed to last over many years of wear and tear, they can be exposed to humidity, hold up to acidic food splatters, and that they do not warp with temperature or water exposure.

  1. Look at the Features of the Cabinets

When it comes time to settle on kitchen cabinets, look for the features that are offered with the cabinets. For example, some cabinets can be customized with pull-out drawers and lighting to help improve visibility and function within the kitchen. Not all kitchen cabinets come with these features, so you want to spend some time looking at your options and deciding what it is that you want.

  1. Choose the Right Hardware

If you plan to install your own kitchen cabinets, then you need to make sure that you are choosing the right hardware and screws that correspond to your cabinets. If you make the wrong choice, you may find that your kitchen cabinets do not hold well in the wall or your hardware will look mismatched and out of place.

  1. Consider Additional Style Choices

Now that you have looked at the features of the cabinets and chosen a colour, it is now time to consider all of your style choices. For example, do you want to have glass cabinet doors or solid wood cabinet doors? These choices need to be made and will make a big difference in your kitchen. To make this decision easier on you, you should consider the look you want to achieve and then make your style choices based off of that.

  1. Think about Warranties

Many new kitchen cabinets will come with a warranty, but some may not. If you are looking for that extra peace of mind and protection, then choose a brand or manufacturer that offers a warranty to you.

If you are thinking about starting a kitchen renovation and replacing your kitchen cabinets, contact the professionals at Kitchen & Bath today. We are always available to help you with your kitchen!

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