7 Ways to Maximize Storage Space in your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are short of space in your kitchen, then get ready to bump elbows and spend 15 minutes every day trying to find the kitchen knife. Well, maybe not. But, what looks like a cute and cosy place in theory can quickly turn into a homemaker’s nightmare, especially if you have a large family where multiple people work in the kitchen at the same time.

That’s where Kitchen cabinets come into play. With some smart thinking and handy accessories, you can quickly turn even the most cramped kitchen space into an organized and efficient working space.

Here’s our pick of 5 kitchen accessories that are desirable in any kitchen setup but an absolute ‘must have’ if you have a smallish kitchen gasping for more space.

Base Mixer Shelf: Let’s face it. Nobody likes to lift and move around the heavy base mixer. And when it’s not in use, it is a criminal waste of useful counter space. A base mixer shelf keeps the mixer neatly stored when it’s not required. And it’s accessible easily when you need to use it. Base Mixer shelves are available in a variety of sizes and fits most standard sized mixers.

Tray Dividers: Be it baking sheets, cutting boards, cooling racks or pizza pans, they all have an uncanny ability to eat up on valuable storage space. Go vertical with tray dividers that allows you to store these more efficiently. You can use these inside cabinets or even on countertops. If you intend to use them to organize your countertop storage, then opt for dividers made of vinyl coated wire for added durability.

Door Racks: The space behind your cabinet doors is usually unused and is a wonderful way to store accessories like a cutting knife or a cutting board or even a spice rack.  Available in a variety of sizes, you can take your pick depending on what you wish to store behind closed doors. No pun intended.

Appliance Garage: Most stock cabinet lines have appliance garages included in them. If you have gone the custom way, then ensure that your cabinet maker includes an appliance garage with a smart vertical lift door. Goes without saying that it will keep your counter looking neat and organized and keep small appliances away when not in use.

Kick Drawers: Every kitchen has accessories like serving platters and tablecloths which are used once in an eternity but occupy valuable storage space. Make room for kick storage drawers in your kitchen remodel plans and store away things that are used rarely.

Hanging Mugs: A Dozen hooks and you are all set to utilize the space under your cabinets. Hanging your mugs makes the kitchen look more organized and is way better to look at, than a cabinet waiting to explode with stored mugs.

Corner Drawers: Even the most impossible looking corner can accommodate a custom made drawer that can be used to store spatulas, spoons and other sundry details.

All of these are creative but functional ways to improve on the efficiency of your kitchen space. There are more ideas and if you are a DIY person, then a few hacks can significantly improve the storage capability of your kitchen.

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