Redoing Your Kitchen Cabinets? 5 Trends to Know About

Redoing Your Kitchen Cabinets? 5 Trends to Know About

Remodelling your kitchen is exciting. In addition to getting a brand-new space that will look fantastic, youre often upgrading appliances, creating more storagein essence, designing a whole new way of using your kitchen.


Strategize Before Starting

Of course, you want your kitchen in your Toronto home to look beautiful. However, you also want it to be functional. Because of this, youll need to do quite a bit of planning before starting on the new design. Be realistic and think about how you actually use your kitchen every day. What dishes, tools, and appliances do you use most often? How much food do you like to keep in your pantry? Do you use your kitchen oftenis it a frequent gathering place for your family as you cookor is it merely a place that you use to grab a quick cup of coffee and toast a bagel as youre on your way out the door? All of these things will determine factors of your overall designwhere things are located, how much space you devote to areas such as your pantry, and whether you use heavy-duty, custom cabinets that will hold up to constant use or less expensive ones that are fine for casual use.


Add an Island

A kitchen island provides additional workspace, which is valuable in any kitchen. Also valuable? Extra storage. Your island can be used to stash away appliances such as your microwave and can hold a variety of cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Wire it for electricity and install additional electrical outlets in it to accommodate small appliances. Use the same colour cabinets as the rest of your kitchen or install a contrasting colour on your island to really make it pop.


Modern Cabinetry Has a Lot to Offer

Todays cabinets go beyond the simple open-and-shut doors with fixed shelving inside. When you open a cabinet in a newly-remodelled kitchen, you’ll likely find swivel shelves that pull out so that you can reach items in the very back. You may find Lazy Susan-type spinning devices inside or racks that pull out to display bottles of cleaning supplies. Drawers can accommodate tilted shelves inside to display your spice collection much better than a traditional spice rack. The options are endless with todays cabinet storage options.


Utilize Unexpected Organization Space

Even with todays exciting new cabinet storage technology, its so unexpected to store pots and pans hidden away in drawers. If you have a nice set that youd like to show off, go old-school and get a pot rack. You can find ones that hang from the wallor you can have one installed on the ceiling and hang your pots from right above your kitchen island. Instead of a traditional knife block (that takes up counter space), go restaurant-style and hang them on a magnetic knife strip mounted on your wall. When you get creative with your storage ideas, your kitchen becomes more colourful and interesting.


Have Fun

Most of all, when youre working to design your new kitchenhave fun. Hang your items up, store them down below in funky, modern cabinet storage, or show them off with glass-front cabinetry. At Kitchen and Bath, we want you to have fun planning out your new space as well as when you finally start using it. Keep in mind that there are no right answers when it comes to remodelling your kitchen. Well try to guide you in a way that will make the best use of your space. Beyond that, the rest is up to you.

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