Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

You want to update your kitchen cabinets but you are unsure just what your choices are when it comes to cabinets.

The choices don’t just stop at what type of material is used. Beyond the type of wood, you have the choice of colour –light or dark, and hardware. Then you will have to choose between stock or custom cabinets.

What if there is a way to refinish existing cabinets in order to save money if you are on a very limited budget?

A professional can help you with these questions during a consultation. You should be able to come up with an idea of what it will cost for stock, custom, or refinishing. With that information you will have a better idea of just what you can afford when it comes to updating your cabinets.

What is the difference between stock and custom cabinets?

Stock cabinets are those you would find in home improvement stores or prefabricated homes. Custom cabinets involve a professional cabinet maker taking measurements, talking to you about what you want out of your cabinets, storage space etc. to come up with a design to fit your kitchen. Then what medium you choose to have your cabinets made out of, painted, stained, natural etc. in order to build the cabinets for your kitchen and then hanging them.

Refinishing cabinets

What about refinishing? Can you sand the front faces of the cabinet and the door, use paint or laminate on the door itself and the facing and sides of the cabinets in order to give it a new look. New hardware with the paint, stain, or laminate will also help give a new look.

One idea is to use paint on the side and front faces of your cabinets, and accent colour on the doors themselves. With new hardware and the painted cabinets it could tie your appliances and counters together quite nicely.

Maybe you would like glass on your doors then your choice will be plain, frosted, stained glass. Before you decide on this consider where you live, how many people live in your house and do you have time to constantly clean the fingerprints, dust, or grease from the glass?

Hardware choices

Today there are many choices in hinges, pulls, and handles when it comes to hardware for your kitchen cabinets. There are different mediums from stainless steel, copper, porcelain, and more. Then there is the shape of each of these hardware items. What lasts the longest, what is the best choice for your kitchen design, what is most popular.

As you can see there are many choices to be made when it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets beyond budget concerns. In order to make sure you get your dream kitchen it is best to have a consultation with a professional to understand the choices available, the prices of each, and how it best fits your design and how long it will last. You do not want to spend money to update your kitchen to only have it fall apart in a few years.

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