Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Made Simple

One of the primary concerns for people renovating their kitchens is that of storage space. From the technologically savvy, who buy the latest kitchen appliances from electronics stores, to novelty seekers, who are quick to order the hot new miracle utensil from the home-shopping network, the propensity to purchase more and more is universal. With this inclination comes the need for more storage space. Fortunately, modern kitchen designers are taking these needs very seriously. A competent designer will not only have an eye for visual style, but also a mind for exploiting every bit of utility from a kitchen setup available.

In fact, so cognizant are designers and kitchenware companies of the need for increased storage and organizational capabilities, that the choices for keeping your foods or kitchen utensils may be slightly overwhelming to the uninitiated. There are multitudes of methods simply for storing spices. From a multi-level narrow spice drawer tucked away in a corner among your cabinets, to display racks, which showcase your many seasonings.  The only limitations to storage means are the limits of the human imagination.

Optimize Every Corner

One example of a popular trend in contemporary kitchen design is that of the crescent pull-out shelf, perhaps a distant relative of the lazy susan. These creations have been able to transform those seemingly useless nooks of corner cabinets into fruitful locations for storage. The crescent-shaped shelves can be pulled out easily until they lie flat against the adjoining cabinet, loaded up, and then pushed back in, occupying the corner space furtively but completely.

Efficient Storage for Day to Day Items

One of the most significant things you can do to improve your kitchen’s storage space is to store your items strategically. For example, if you use a certain utensil or pan mainly for baking, common sense tells you it should be stored near your oven. This way, you have not only a mnemonic reminder when wanting to access specific tools, but you also reduce the time it takes for you to retrieve the item. Those objects and foods you use the most frequently should be the easiest and quickest to access. When your kitchen is in a messy or disorganized state, the time it takes to complete regular tasks is significantly increased, as is the level of frustration produced while performing them.

When renovating a kitchen, the first thing you should do for efficiency planning is make a list of what items you want to have and where they can be placed to provide the fastest relief in times of need. Be sure to ask your designer for any efficient solutions for your particular configuration of items. Due to the extent of possibilities in this realm, a truly dedicated professional will generally make suggestions that are the simplest and tend to be the most common solutions. As stated above, there are hundreds of ways to store even something as basic as spices. The same can be said for any food item or class of utensils as well. Don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at Kitchen and Bath for more complex and sophisticated design concepts.

Smart Design for Any Space

Even a small and modest kitchen can have enough storage space for your needs. The important thing is to choose the right tool for the job. If you need a certain rack or drawer, these can be installed easily. When renovating or designing a new kitchen, appropriate choices with storage space can have a great impact on the amount of irritation and ease with which you will perform all of your cooking and entertaining activities around the kitchen. With this in mind, always remember to utilize your storage space wisely.

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