Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets

When looking to add a little life to your kitchen, a remodel might be seen as an extreme measure, whereas a few coats of paint often won’t quite do the job.  One of the most brilliant and overlooked ways to reinvent your cooking space is by installing custom-built cabinets.  They can provide the appearance of a full remodel at a fraction of the cost.  This, however, is only one of the many benefits associated with commissioning personalized cabinetry.  Simply modifying this one area offers a whole host of further contributions to many positive changes in your home.

No Space is Wasted

One of the most important applications of kitchen cabinets is that they are used to avoid the unnecessary wasting of space. In small houses and apartments, smart use of space is essential. Therefore, one must design their cabinets in such a way that they are capable of containing all utensils and other kitchen appliances.

Designing to Fit Your Needs

When you create a concept for your new kitchen cabinets, either with the help of an experienced designer or on your own, you truly tap into your personal style and tastes.  Some often opt for a more traditional layout, preferring neutral colours, subtle hardware, and hardline squared edges.  Some, however, take a more whimsical approach, incorporating bold colours, unconventional drawer shapes and hidden handles or oversized hardware.   This even extends to unexpected, but not inconvenient, cabinet height placement.  It’s important to express yourself in your planning.

However, drafting a layout and style is more than just the aesthetic components.  The technical details are critical as well.  Material choices and sources can make all the difference in the world, and should be discussed with your woodworker to determine what’s the best option for your kitchen.

Everything in its Own Place

Not all kitchens are created equal.  Some kitchens have unique floor plans or large islands.  Stock cabinets, however, are all created in the same mould, prompting wasted space and occasionally awkward design options.  Moreover, not every appliance is built to fit into a tiny cupboard.  Some mixers, cookers, and blenders take up surprisingly large amounts of storage space and having the opportunity to model storage space around them can be a blessing.  This leaves your countertops clear for food preparation space, and displays a much more well-kept kitchen.

Enhance the Value of Your Home

Setting aside aesthetic value, redesigning your kitchen and its cabinets can add resale value to your home.  Kitchens achieve a more sharp, sophisticated look when they are clean and organized.  Proper storage and elegant design provides a great advantage in this area.  When your cabinets have been crafted by a master woodworker rather than purchased from stock, they last longer with less need for frequent maintenance and replacements.

Product Durability

Tailor-made kitchen cabinets are typically handmade by experienced craftsmen with a focus on creating a product that is strong and durable. When commissioning Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets, there is always the ability to choose the best materials with which to construct them. Their durability is enhanced by selecting top quality wood, rather than purchasing store-bought particle board based designs, and ensuring your cabinet creator utilizes dowels and dovetails in the cabinets’ joints. A cabinet construction specialist will also equip drawers with hidden undermount slides, for a sleeker, more sophisticated look, versus a hardware store’s stock side slide bracket.

All of these steps guarantee that the final product will be made strong enough to house large and heavy objects.  Custom built cabinets are built to last and you can be assured peace of mind in knowing your purchase has been treated with care and built with precision.   You can design the cabinet of your dreams, while remaining confident in the quality of your project.

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