5 Storage Solutions for Kitchen Renovations

Having a cluttered kitchen is frustrating and demotivating. When you open an upper cabinet, items avalanche out onto your head. You know you’re going to have to dive into a lower cabinet and clatter around in a mountain of cookware in order to find the large pot you need for dinner. Your recipe calls for Herbes de Provence and you’re certain you bought a bottle of it a few weeks ago, but you can’t find anything in your cluttered spice rack. All of this stress makes you simply throw in the towel and order takeout food for dinner.

Cooking should be enjoyable, and having a clean, well-organized kitchen in your Toronto home is the best way to make it so. The experts at Kitchen and Bath know this and they’re masters at knowing how to organize space in order to maximize your kitchen. Here are a few remodelling tips to keep in mind—ways to help your kitchen flow nicely and turn preparing dinner into a dream, rather than a chore.


Trade Traditional Cabinets for Drawers

Pull-out drawers with a variety of helpful storage shelves and Lazy Susans are quickly replacing clunky cabinets with standard shelves. There are pull-out drawers with swivel shelves for bowls and cookware. Instead of a regular spice rack, install a spice rack drawer with helpful shelves that tilt the bottles to just the right angle.

Don’t forget those corner cabinets! Even where a drawer won’t fit, you can place a cabinet with half-moon pull-out shelves that are shaped perfectly to fully take advantage of every inch of storage space. Remember to use your under-sink space, as well—install a pull-out organizer for all of your cleaners.


Clutter Takes a Toll

When your kitchenhttps://kitchenandbath.ca/kitchen-cabinets-toronto/redoing-your-kitchen-cabinets-5-trends-to-know-about/ counters are cluttered, it slows down your ability to get things done. It’s hard to be able to cook dinner efficiently when you’re having to shift the mixer out of your way and scoot the toaster to the side. Clutter can also have an emotional impact, making us feel overwhelmed. For appliances that you use somewhat regularly, a cabinet with electrical outlets and lighting installed inside is the perfect solution. Simply open it up, use the small appliances stashed inside, and then close them away again.  


Create Additional Storage with an Island

One of the best ways Toronto homeowners find additional kitchen storage is to make it—by adding an island during their remodel. Islands look great, they can be rigged with electrical and plumbing (in order to accommodate a sink, a stove, or appliances), and they have the potential to feature a huge amount of storage. Shelves, cabinets, or drawers—make it your own!


To Glass or Not to Glass?

If you’ve got a beautiful tea set or heirloom china from your grandmother, you probably want to show these pieces off. However, you don’t want to show off your toddler’s sippy cups or your chipped everyday plates. The good news is that you don’t have to go all-in with glass-front cabinets. You can install a few of them to show off choice items and choose wooden fronts for the rest of your cabinets—truly the best of both worlds!


Don’t Stack—Use a Rack

One of the most frustrating storage issues is having stacks of noisy, frustrating baking sheets and pizza pans. For thin items such as these, flip them sideways and use a divider to separate them from the rest of the cabinet. If you have a lot of them, use a rack to organize them.

These are just a few of the many ideas that can turn your kitchen from a storage nightmare into a culinary dream. Contact the team at Kitchen and Bath to schedule your free in-home consultation to find out how they can help you transform your kitchen.


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