7 Timeless Colour Combos for your Kitchen cabinet

We all love a white kitchen. Clean, fresh and timeless, it’s a no brainer. And it’s marketable too.

But, if you are planning a kitchen remodel, then there are ways in which colour can be used to accentuate the visual appeal.

Twin colour cabinets are a great way to add some eye candy to an otherwise monotone decor. And you need not get overwhelmed for selecting the colour palette either. Today, we bring to you 7 timeless colour combinations to choose from for your kitchen cabinetry.

Twin Shades, Same Colour

Using different shades of the same colour is a win-win situation. Be it shades of blue or muted colour tones, you can play with lighter shades for the upper cabinets and darker shades for the base cabinets and drawers. With the right backsplash and the countertop, the kitchen looks smart, attractive and trendy. Some examples are deep blue and sky blue, lemon and lime.

Red and Green

Thinking about Christmas already? You can choose soft and muted tones of red and green which are in trend in 2016. Be it brick red or barn red, red can really warm up the room. Research also suggests that red can stimulate your appetite. Bon Appetit!  Complement it with sage green or spring green cabinets and you have a stylish looking kitchen that will look good for years to come.

White with Bold

If you are a fan of bold colour schemes, then by all means go for it. You can use bold coloured cabinets to good effect with a predominantly white kitchen. A center island and base cabinets under the counter are some places where bold colours can stand out and hold court. It can really bring the design to life. When it comes to colour combinations, you can be as creative as you would like to. From rich red to leaf green and even aquamarine, there are an abundance of colours which blend perfectly with white.

Red and Black

As aforementioned, red can really warm up the room. What better way to make a dramatic statement than add some black to it. Black cabinet doors can be used for the upper cabinetry while red can be used for the island. Pair it with a light coloured backsplash and a cararra marble countertop. You have a colour palette that will grab eyeballs.

Muted and Bright

Muted and neutral shades like gray can really carry the aesthetics on their own. But you can create a stunning focal point by adding a bright colour like orange to it. Once again, the island is a great place to showcase the bright colour. You can also add some depth to the cabinets by painting the interiors of any open shelves with a slightly lighter hue of the same colour.

All these colour combinations are only examples of what you can achieve with your kitchen cabinets remodel. There are many more choices and you can consult your contractor or look up online for more inspirations.

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