Why You Need to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are like most of us you spend a majority of time in your kitchen.  The kitchen is the place where we gather with family and friends and not just for dinner.

Are your cabinets in need of updating? How can you tell it is time for an update?

Here are some reasons your kitchen cabinets may need updating.

  • Space issues – You may not have enough space in your current cabinets, updating them could give you the space you need. This also includes a new layout of the cabinets that include things like sliding shelves and spice wracks on the inside of the doors. Drawers with double slides for things like silverware so you only have one drawer in use for that instead of taking up two drawers.
  • Damage –damage can occur in several ways, one of the main damages you need to check for annually is water damage that leads to mold. If you find mold it is truly time to update those cabinets before the mold spreads to other parts of your kitchen and causes health issues. Other damages can be that the stain or paint has become thin in spots due to cleaning over the years. Maybe you were moving a piece of furniture or something heavy and bumped into a cabinet making a deep scratch or gouge.
  • Selling – If you are planning on selling, updated cabinets can raise the price you will get for your home. After all we all tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with family and friends. Cooks want the area to be useful for cooking as well with ample storage space. The first area people who are buying truly inspect is the kitchen.  They are looking to see – does it have enough storage, is it big enough to cook, bake, and entertain in. The next area they look hard at is the bathroom.
  • Your taste has changed – The cabinets you chose long ago no longer appeal to you. The cabinets were there when you bought the house and simply are not in your taste. They may be too dark, not decorative enough, or just don’t fit the overall theme of the kitchen since you painted, put new appliances in, changed the countertops etc. then it is time to update your cabinets.
  • Total kitchen remodel –You have decided to change the layout of your kitchen entirely which includes moving the cabinets to a different location or adding more cabinets in situations where you don’t have enough cabinets and or countertops to begin with. Now is the time to update the cabinets, especially if you are adding more cabinets, the style you have may not be available anymore.
  • Cabinets may be cheap – this can happen when you buy a home or your budget would not allow you to purchase better made cabinets at the time you built the house.

Any of these reasons tell you it is time to replace your cabinets with updated good quality cabinets.

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