Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets to Update the Look

Have you noticed that lately your kitchen cabinets look drab? Don’t fit the theme of your kitchen? How can you update them without overhauling them completely?

If your budget won’t allow you to replace the old cabinets right now or the only reason for replacing them is the look then you should consider painting them.

Painting your cabinets can give them a whole new look, which can give your kitchen a whole new look.

Choosing the right paint

Before you buy make sure that you purchase the correct paint. If you are not working with a professional then hit your local hardware or home remodeling store and have them help you choose the correct paint. Tell them exactly what you are painting, is it wood or metal? Once you know exactly which paint would be best then choose your colour. Also make sure you get a primer and sealer. While the all in one primer and paints are fine for walls in the rest of the house they are not so great for kitchen cabinets that get scrubbed more.

Now that you have your paint chosen you will need to decide if you are going to get new hardware. You will also need to pick up a few things for doing the actual job, which are;

  • Drop clothes so that you can lay out the doors and drawers to paint all at the same time and allow them to dry without being in the way of your kitchen.
  • Mineral spirits for cleaning the grime, grease, and dirt away.
  • Painters tape if you are not getting new hardware you will need to tape off the hinges and other parts that are not going to be painted.
  • Sandpaper fine grit especially if your cabinets are glossy, this will allow the primer and paint to stick more readily.
  • Paint applicator

Getting started

Now that you have all your tools ready, begin by removing hardware and wash your surfaces with mineral spirits and nylon scrubber or #0000 steel wool pad. Dry, and lay the parts out of the drop clothes. If you are not changing hardware, tape the hardware that will not be painted. Sand the doors and drawers lightly, wipe off dust, and then apply the primer sealer this will allow the paint to adhere better to the surface of the wood.

The painting

Paint all doors and drawers with the first coat of paint and allow time to dry. Once they are dry, lightly sand them and wipe off any dust. Apply the second coat of paint and allow time to dry. Normally two coats of paint is enough however, we are dealing with kitchen cabinets which take a lot of abuse from cooking grease. You may want to apply a third coat of paint for longer durability with all the washing and scrubbing they will get in the kitchen.

Replace doors and drawers and you now have a wonderful new look to your kitchen cabients!

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