Kitchen Cabinets: 7 Important Things to Know

Kitchen Cabinets: 7 Important Things to Know

One of the most important parts of designing a brand-new kitchen is picking out new cabinets. If you’re planning to replace the kitchen cabinets in your Toronto-area home, it’s important to use an experienced contractor and Kitchen and Bath can help you with that.

However, it’s also good to have an idea of what kind of cabinets you want and what the installation process will consist of. When you’re well-educated about materials, function, and what will be required to put them in, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your new cabinets. Here are some insider secrets to help you better communicate with your contractor in order to get the kitchen cabinets you really want.


Brand Matters

Just because cabinets look good doesn’t mean they’re made to last. When researching brands, choose ones that have been certified. They put cabinets through strenuous testing to ensure that they’ll stand up to long term, day-to-day use without staining, bubbling, or falling apart.


Know What Kind You Want

Will you be satisfied with stock cabinets or do you want them to be custom-made? While there will be a difference in quality between the two, there will also be a difference in price. Stock cabinets are affordable and easily available, as they’re generally in-stock and waiting to be delivered and installed. Custom cabinets are beautiful, made by hand from start to finish, and are your most expensive option. For a price-range that falls somewhere in between, semi-custom cabinets offer a wide variety of customizable options (such as size, style, and cabinet finish).


Consider Your Space

When choosing new kitchen cabinets, you’ll have the chance to improve on your kitchen space. Create additional storage, add a built-in, pull-out trash/recycling bin, and make large items accessible by storing them in low drawers (rather than stacked in cabinets).


Which Style Is Best?

Your design aesthetic (as well as your overall kitchen size and layout) will determine what style of cabinets will make you happy. While light-coloured cabinets will make a smaller kitchen feel larger, darker ones will look rich and warm.


Life Will Happen

You’re installing new kitchen cabinets in order to actually use them. With everyday use will come damage, so it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you purchase all the items needed to make any repairs and keep them on hand. Pick up putty and the appropriate colour of markers to cover any dents that may occur. Having spare drawer-slides, screws, and hinges on hand isn’t a bad idea, either.


Things Your Contractor Will Know

Now for the nuts and bolts: things that designers and contractors know that homeowners are typically unaware of. A good designer will guide you towards cabinets with sturdy boxes (the structural walls inside the cabinet itself). 1/2 an inch is a good thickness for the walls. Cabinets that are installed up high need to be properly secured. In order to do this, they should be attached to studs using 2 1/2-inch deck screws and cabinet washers. For extra support, use a 1×3 cleat right below the layout line.


Donate Your Old Cabinets

When your old cabinets are being removed, make sure they’re not being damaged and absolutely make sure they don’t get hauled away to the trash! Tell your contractor in advance and you can donate them to Toronto-area organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

There you have it! We hope this Kitchen Cabinet primer has given you something to think about as you start researching which ones you’ll choose. Remodelling your kitchen can be a bit stressful, but it’s very exciting and in the end, it’s worth it! Call the team at Kitchen and Bath, as they can help make the process much easier.

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