Treasured Freatures: Cabinet Storage Trends in 2016

Home owners are busier now than ever before, and kitchen-based tasks like cooking, cleaning up, and storing items is a never-ending challenge. Innovations in cabinet storage just get better with time, and many of today’s available kitchen cabinet features are items that were once available only on custom-designed cabinets.

There’s a new age in kitchen cabinet storage. What kitchen mavens want most of all is convenience. Easy accessibility to the most useful and necessary kitchen items is a treasured feature. To meet with storage and accessibility woes, kitchen designers have come up with some excellent solutions. Read on to learn more about the best ideas in kitchen storage.


Spice Storage

With a greater emphasis now on home cooking and nutritious, freshly cooked foods, the spice rack is a must have in any culinary environment. Tiered spice racks that hang next to the cooking area are a clever way to store and display spices and seasonings.


Stash the Trash

Waste baskets are an undeniable eyesore. Modern kitchen designs place more emphasis on where to dispose of trash with ease. Pull-out wastebaskets placed under counters and inside of cabinets are terrific when it comes to supplying easy access, while effectively concealing kitchen trash.


Built-in Wine Storage

There’s no need to purchase an over-sized bulky wine rack, when built-in racks can be placed in otherwise unused areas of the kitchen, such as corners and small spaces between cabinets and appliances.


Pantry Pull-outs

If space is a limited commodity in your kitchen and you don’t have the room for a walk-in pantry, then maximize your cabinet space with pull-out pantry drawers. These clever items allow for easier access to items in the back of the cabinet.


Floating Shelving

Floating shelves are an aesthetically appealing storage solution. They break up the monotony of traditional cabinets and serve as spaces on which to display cookbooks and colourful dishware or appliances.


In-drawer Organizers

In the past, divided utensil drawers could only be found in custom-built cabinetry. They are now available for stock purchase, and they are an inexpensive way to avoid the clutter of drawers filled with utensil assortments.


Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are beginning to make a comeback as designers begin to recognize their ability to offer accessibility to previously hard-to-reach spaces in cabinets.


Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is indispensable, and narrow pull-out cabinets tucked away behind a built-in kitchen feature are great for storing bottles of spices and condiments. These strategically placed slim spaces within cabinets are excellent for stashing cutting boards too.


Tray Divider Pull-outs

Cookie sheets and baking pans can be conveniently stored in cabinets fitted with tray divider pull-outs. This unique creation makes easy and convenient to store your favorite bakeware.


Utilizing Corner Space

Once ignored and considered wasted space, corners have become useful in the kitchen.  Corner drawer cabinets are a great option and an ingenious way to expand previously abandoned spaces. Some corner cabinets can be outfitted with revolving shelves and baskets that make it easy to access goods and appliances at the back of cabinets.


Behind-the-door Storage

In smaller kitchens, space is an undeniable premium, so it is vital to make every inch count. Adjustable racks placed on doors are an innovative way to store seasonings and oils, which also benefit from the easy accessibility.


Cleverly Placed Towel Bars

Clean up is the least popular of all kitchen chores, but the days of stashing towels in inconvenient places is over. Attach towel bars to the inside doors of cabinets to create a convenient place to keep dish towels out of the way, yet simple to reach.

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