Modern VS Old: Managing Contemporary Styles

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is a place where people spend long hours with their families and friends, cooking, and sometimes even dining. In the earlier times, it was placed at the rear of the house and only came with the most basic of amenities. Currently, however, the kitchen has come to the forefront and has gained equal importance as any other space of the house.


Cabinets are often the first thing that would come to mind when they designing and building a kitchen, as they occupy much of the space and are responsible for storing food, appliances, dishware, and other essentials. Given this knowledge, the kitchen cabinets of the past were created to maximum storage capacity, with little attention paid to design elements. But, with changing times and the concept of open kitchen coming into limelight, some are opting for a more modern, chic appearance in their kitchens. The usual thick, top-heavy cabinet with a surplus of shelves has become a much less desirable aesthetic. Now, homeowners want their kitchen space to include statement art or television sets for entertainment and visual appeal.

The Dilemma:

So, how is one able to enjoy the benefits of both an open layout and sensible kitchen cabinets? The answer to this lies in the ability to create visual breaks in the usual bank of cabinets.  Adding floating shelves between upper cabinets or installing glass panelled cabinet doors can change up the style and give the room a more open impression.


Another trick is to add a floor to ceiling cabinet or pantry – preferably in a corner – at one side of the kitchen allowing maximum storage in one place, and leaving the remaining area open. Additionally, rearranging items and regularly disposing of unnecessary appliances or dishes can help to maintain organization and adds order and brilliance to the kitchen area.

Adding light to the area where wall art or statement pieces will be showcased will illuminate any dull space. The use of sheer window curtains gives the flexibility of allows plenty of sunlight in, brightening the room, while still affording a measure of privacy for the home’s occupants.


Making sure to use the space you have wisely is crucial to creating the illusion of spaciousness, while providing all of your cutlery, dishes, and other appliances with an appropriate place to be stored.  Suspended wine racks for stemware is not only clever for freeing up cabinet space, but it creates an elegant appearance, particularly for those who are consummate wine drinkers or entertainers.  Similarly, consider having a wine rack installed nearby, either on display or tucked away for easy access.



The style of kitchen one chooses to incorporate into their home depends entirely on the taste and preference of the owner. There are plenty of options available to make the space lively and sophisticated. The benefit of having a closed space with lots of cabinets has the feel of a cozy, intimate room that’s inviting to guests, and gives the area a personality of its own, having the appearance of being more secluded from the rest of the house.  A formal dinner can be arranged with utmost comfort, without distraction from sources outside of the preparation area.
On the other hand, if one opts for an open kitchen it gives a more modern, chic look. An open kitchen stands tall when it comes to family bonding as the person who is cooking can easily interact and participate in other activities happening in the house.  And for smaller homes, an open kitchen gives the illusion of space and volume to the house.

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