Signs You Need to Replace Your Cabinets and Not Reface Them

If your kitchen cabinets are old, worn down, or broken, your kitchen will not look the way that you want it to and it will detract from the once elegant kitchen that you did have. As you sort through your options on how to fix the situation, you will quickly find that you can either replace your kitchen cabinets or have them refaced.

While you may want to save your kitchen cabinets and have them refaced, sometimes it is in your best interest to simply replace them, but how can you tell? Below, we will go over some signs that point to kitchen cabinet replacement and not a simple reface job.

Sign 1: You Want to Update Your Kitchen

Refacing your cabinets is not a good decision when you want to change the entire look of your kitchen. When you remodel your kitchen, you have the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and change the way they look – and you should embrace it. A good time to reface your cabinets over replacing them would be when you only want an updated look for the cabinets themselves.

If you plan to sell your home later on down the road, you will find that an updated and modern kitchen with new cabinets is likely to fetch a better price than refaced cabinets.

Sign 2: The Cabinet Structure is Damaged

Over time, the structure of your kitchen cabinets will come into question and you may notice that the structure itself has become damaged. For example, think about mold for a moment. Remember that leak you had underneath your kitchen sink? Well, now mold has formed and spread and your kitchen cabinet structure is not as solid as it once was.

When your cabinet structure is not sound or has been damaged by water, fire, mold, or pests, it is time to replace the cabinets and not reface them. If you choose to reface cabinets that have a weak structure, you will end up needing to replace them anyway when the structure loses all of its integrity.

Sign 3: They Have a Smell

If your cabinets yield a smell of being old, musty, or just downright gross, it is time to replace them. Refacing the cabinets will not eliminate the smell, so it is best to just start with new, fresh-smelling cabinets.

Sign 4: They Are Made from Cheap Materials

If your cabinets are made from cheap materials, it is better to simply replace them and invest a bit in your home’s kitchen. Cabinets that are too cheap will not yield good results when refaced, so it is better to simply replace them.

If you find that you are simply unhappy with the way your cabinets look, you want to change the finish or colour on them, or they do not sit right in the structure, these problems can all be fixed with a simple reface job. Anything from the list above requires a replacement.

If you are looking to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets, call the professionals at Kitchen & Bath today!

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