To repair or replace the countertop during kitchen renovation
It would be safe to say that the countertop is the warhorse of the kitchen. It has multiple roles to play. From aesthetics to bearing the brunt of everyday meal preps, it has to be hardy and resilient. But if your countertop is showing signs of a long and tiring journey with one battle scar too many, then may it has run its course.

The big question is, should you go for cosmetic treatment or a complete replacement during a renovation?

A rundown looking kitchen will instantly get a new lease of life with a new countertop. But if you are redoing the kitchen to sell, then there are some ways to make your old countertop shine again without hurting your wallet.

Here are a few of them.

Solid Surface Counters

If you have solid surface countertops, then minor repairs are easy. Although they are extremely resilient to wear and tear, they do get stained and scratched with time. A polishing compound to conceal the scratches with a layer of countertop wax should be able to undo minor damage. If it’s a deeper cut or a damaged portion, then it’s time to call the experts.


Granite is one of the best choices for a countertop. It has incredible durability. But again, it does start to show signs of wear and tear after a few years. Minor nicks can be concealed easily with multiple layers of epoxy resin. Clean the area with acetone to help break down the grime and grease. Ensure that you match the colour of the resin with the stone. For stains, you can either use commercial stone cleaners or use a poultice of flour and hydrogen peroxide.


Depending on the severity, damage to laminate countertops may be difficult to repair yourself. You can still try to fix scratches and dents with laminate repair paste or countertop polish. If the laminate has started peeling, then contact cement pressed into both surfaces can do a good job. If there is major damage, then you may have to consider replacing a portion or the whole countertop. Despite being available in a million different colours, it is sometimes impossible to find the exact match for old laminate countertops.


If you were smart, then you may have stockpiled an extra box or two of your countertop tile. If not, then it may be one of the toughest DIY repair tasks you ever carried out. Use toothpaste with a clean cloth to wipe away minor scratches. If there are cracks, then you can fill them with epoxy glue (Use a toothpick). Use oil-based paint to match the colour of the tiles.

If none of the above works for you, then you can consider replacing the countertop for a new one. While it may not improve on the functionality of the kitchen, it works wonders to improve the aesthetic appeal.

During your kitchen renovation, you will have a lot more choices when it comes to selecting materials for your new countertops. From prefabricated stone to engineered composite surfaces and laminates which are perfect replicas of stone counters, you will find something that suits your needs and fits in your budget.