Kitchen Renovation Pitfalls You Should Avoid

Kitchen Renovation Pitfalls You Should Avoid

There is hardly a kitchen renovation that has not hit a roadblock. Delayed deliveries, unprofessional contractors and escalated costs almost seem to go hand in hand with remodels. But minor hitches apart, if you do your homework well, you can avoid some of the common mistakes that can quickly turn your remodel into a nightmare.

Choosing the wrong contractor

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than discovering that you have handed over the responsibility of redoing your dream space, to the wrong person. It’s not a pretty feeling. So choose wisely. The contractor performing the Kitchen Renovation will be the captain of the ship. He will be in your house for the next few weeks or even months. Speak to multiple contractors, ensure that they are bonded and insured, get quotes, references and see their past work. Enquire about subcontractors who may be working on your project. A kitchen remodel may involve multiple skilled subcontractors like plumbers, electricians etc. Ensure that you know who will be working in your home. Sometime, you may not be 100% sure about hiring someone. Listen to your gut. Do not hire them even if you have the slightest doubt. Watch out for embellishments and glossy sales pitches.

Expecting everything to go according to plan

We mentioned the minor hitches earlier. Be mentally prepared to face them. Many people start to worry about a nag or a delay until it starts to drive them insane. Not worth it. Your kitchen will be an important part of house for a number of years to come. A small delay or problem will not change the outcome of your remodel. So stop sweating over small stuff. If you have hired the right contractor, your project should be back on track soon.

Letting the contractor plan the workflow

Many people are guilty of being overly dependent on contractors. Yes, we have heard stories where families left for a holiday, leaving the kitchen renovationl in the reliable hands of the contractor. They were not too pleased with the end result though. If your remodel involves changing the layout, then you need to plan the workflow. Think about how you and your family will be using the kitchen. How many people will cook at the same time? Will it also function as a social space? Where do you want the storage to be? Should the sink be under the window? What about the island? The tried and tested ‘Work Triangle’ still works best. Keep your contractor in the loop but you should make the end decisions.

Paying 100% Upfront

Every contractor will demand that a major portion of the estimated project cost be paid as a down payment. This is routine business practice. But it is also common to leave at least 10% of the payment outstanding until the entire kitchen is complete and you are satisfied with the end results. It gives you a safety net and you do not have to chase an unresponsive contractor.

Ignoring function for finishes

People are so focused on the visual aspect of the renovation that they often ignore and make mistakes with the functionality of the kitchen. For example, incorrect placement of appliances or ordering appliances that do not fit in. Always think function first. The end result should be a space that is efficient and comfortable.