Saving on Kitchen Renovation Costs

Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget

The goals you want to accomplish when tackling a home renovation project are pretty simple. You want to be sure that the changes increase your comfort level and that they add value to your home while saving you money. Kitchen renovations can be a bit ticklish when it comes to ticking all of those boxes, especially with the latter because it is definitely the most expensive room in the house to renovate. For this reason it is important to create a list of the items you want in your new kitchen. You don’t need to hold back on budget concerns in this first draft, just call it your “dream list”. After it is complete, you can contact a design firm and supply them with your list and your budget…then the tough choices will start. After you’ve been hit with how far your budget will realistically go, you can start to brainstorm areas where you might be able to save a bit in order to get those granite countertops or that Viking gas range.

The following items represent some nice areas where you save some cash for your one or biggest wants and still come out with a nice, efficient kitchen upgrade that positively impacts the value of your home.

RTAs and Alternative Cabinet Solutions

Cabinetry can be the single most expensive part of any kitchen renovation. This is mainly due to the use of semi-custom or custom made cabinets that are built by hand. An alternative way to update your cabinets would be to purchase RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets that have been pre-cut and colored for a specific size. They are significantly cheaper than custom products and can hold up to light abuse admirably. Another option is painting your existing cabinets. A nice fresh color will add light and a new look to an otherwise outdated kitchen. Lastly you can simply replace the doors and hardware on your existing cabinets to rejuvenate them.

Creative Countertops

Granite, quartz and marble are all durable and classic stone surfaces for your kitchen countertops, but they come with a hefty price tag. Instead of breaking your bank, you might consider concrete that can be painted or stained for you counters. Another option is butcher block, which has been trending for quite some time and also you should not be quick to write off laminates as they are again gaining traction for their high definition styles and colors.

Keep your Appliances

Trying to get new cabinetry and new appliances can prove to be too much for many budgets, so you may find it mor3e cost-effective to focus on one or the other. Moving your appliances can increase the need for greater customization in your cabinet layout, which can mean big bucks. Save yourself some money and keep those existing appliances in the space – you won’t need contractors to re-work your utilities either.

Spend Wisely on Lighting

You can still include lots of new light in your kitchen, you just might want to consider the style you wish to use. Recessed lighting is beautiful, but the cost per light can be as much as $150, so you might consider adding a window for natural light that will cut down on utilities. Tracking is another option that is much cheaper and accomplishes the same goal of filling your new kitchen with light.

Remodeling in Stages

All of these are valid ways to reduce your overall expense and keep your kitchen renovation budget in check, but if you absolutely have to have ALL of those high-end fixtures, cabinets, countertops and appliances, you might consider remodeling in stages. Installing a few lights now, and more later will still keep your kitchen lit. Consider adding new countertops now and update your range in 6 months or so. These tips will help you stay on budget.