Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget

Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget

No one sets out to plan a kitchen layout poorly. The idea is that the kitchen space is laid out in a strategic fashion that allows the cook or those working in the space to conveniently and efficiently access the needed materials and cooking areas. Over time this has come be to known as the “work triangle” which connects the sink, refrigerator and stove/oven so that as the cook stands within the triangle, they can easily access any of those three locations with a small reach or by turning around. The idea was always there, but older kitchens did not always place it as a high priority because past trends sometimes downplayed the need for this efficiency. These days the work triangle is an important issue and most homeowners will seek the best way to create one if it is missing.

What Do You Want In Your New Kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen for beauty and convenience can be a daunting task without a planned budget and clear idea of what you want out of the space. Kitchen renovations typically range from a low-end appliance upgrade of around $20,000 to a full scale remodel with custom cabinets at upwards of $65,000. You can see that the figures can escalate quickly, so it is a good idea to have a few things planned before you go too far. First off, you should make a detailed list of the things you want in your new kitchen. Add some features of your dream kitchen and some more practical ones as well. Then you will need to consult with a design firm to analyze your space and determine if you can build the kitchen you want, or if some things about your plan will need to change.

Be Creative

Should you find your kitchen is not within your budget, it is time to get creative. There are many items you can save on and lots of areas where you can conserve that budget if necessary. The key is to review your plan and focus on the core items that you absolutely must have in the event that you are over your budget. This could mean getting those custom-made cabinets you’re craving, but keeping your old range and cooktop or possibly skipping your countertop remodel. Other areas to save would include keeping your old cabinets and replacing only the doors and hardware. You might also consider painting your outdated cabinets for a fresh looking that is more inviting.

Know Your Kitchen Habits

Other ideas for conserving that budget would include creative shelving in the form of hanging shelves on the backs of doors and increasing the size of your existing cabinets to reach the ceiling for maximum storage. You might also consider adding a skylight to your kitchen or increasing the size of your existing windows as natural light is always better in the kitchen and it is an energy saver. Finally you might take a good, hard look at your cooking habits. Those that enjoy cooking and do it frequently might benefit from top-of-the-line appliances like gas ranges and larger refrigerators, but for those that are only casual cooks, there is no need to splurge on these options as they will probably never receive the work for which they are intended.