Kitchen Renovations TorontoFrom the workflow to hiring the right contractor and getting the right appliances, a Kitchen renovation is one of the most complicated ones that you can ever undertake.

There are enough horror stories of remodels gone wrong. Function often gets overlooked for aesthetics. Mis-measured materials end up escalating cost. Unforeseen time delays make matters worse.

But not every remodel needs to be a nightmare. Despite all the cautionary tales, with the right planning and some guidelines, you too can successfully remodel your kitchen and be rewarded with an attractive and functional workspace.

Here’s our complete kitchen Pre-remodel checklist to make the task easier for you.

Money Matters

You may ‘want’ the most elaborate and luxurious kitchen that you saw in the latest design trends magazine. But can you afford it? The first step to executing a successful kitchen renovation is to understand what you can achieve with your budget. This allows you to allocate it to the ‘absolutes’, rather than splurging on ‘wants’. Most real estate experts suggest that your remodel budget should not exceed 20% of your home’s market value. If you are unsure about this number, speak to real estate consultants in your area to get a clear picture.

If you plan to do a part of the work yourself, then speak to a contractor and get quotes for the remainder of the job. If you plan to get finance from a lender, ensure that you have that sorted before you start the work.

The DIY Part

Unless you are a spendthrift, you ‘may’ want to think about saving on some of the costs by doing some part of the job yourself. There are tasks like demolition, plumbing (basic stuff), installing cabinets, painting and design, that do not warrant the skills of an expert. If you cannot do any of the above mentioned things, its best left to the experts though.

Needs vs. Wants

There will be inevitable things in the remodel which are obvious needs. For example, if you have an old kitchen and an undetected leak in the piping has rotted the cabinets from behind, then changing the cabinetry is a need. Prioritize them in a list and work from there. What is the main reason for the remodel? Are you looking to improve on the appearance? Do you wish to add more space? Is it better workflow you seek? More storage and so on. If you are planning to buy appliances, look for multitasking ones that are energy efficient.

Each item that you list down should be segregated on the basis of wants or needs. Needs should be the top priority on your list.

Understand the basics

You do not need to be an architect or a kitchen design expert to understand the basics of kitchen renovation. With some research and 3-D kitchen design software (National Kitchen and Bath Association’s website), you can get a good idea of the floor plan and create a workflow for a kitchen of your dreams. Keep the end goal in mind. Read about the work triangle and how strategic positioning improves efficiency and saves time. Plan accordingly.

Choose the right materials

Your budget will determine what materials you can choose for your cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. You may love a quartz countertop but if yours is not a very busy kitchen, then a cararra marble one may work just as well at a reduced prize. Speak to your contractor to know what materials fit into your kitchen renovation budget and goals.