High Quality Plywood is all the Rage in Cabinetry

High Quality Plywood is all the Rage in Cabinetry

Plywood is considered to be a high quality material that is gaining a lot of traction as a solid alternative to traditional types of wood used in cabinetry. For many years high-end custom cabinets were made with extremely strong and durable hard woods like oak and maple. These materials generally carried a pretty hefty price as well. Later, particle board and other composites as well as plywood started entering the market as alternatives, but were never really seen as being strong options that could withstand abuse or little more than an occasional splash of water. Recently that has been changing as plywood materials have been given new life in the cabinet market. High-end plywood is strong and versatile, with a great range of uses both inside and outside of the home. The perpendicular layers of veneer within new plywood materials work to form a powerful bond that holds up well to weight, stress and other forms of abuse.

To highlight the great benefits that plywood has to offer for cabinets and other structural buildings we’ve compiled a list of points below for your reference.

Rot Resistance

The make-up of today’s plywood allows it to absorb and retain protective coatings and preservatives that make it strong and resistant to rot, corrosion and deformity, so it is an ideal material for use with chemicals and water-related buildings or storage facilities.

Added Stability

The combination of layered wood and laminate structure makes plywood as strong as almost any natural hardwood on the market. This makes it extremely versatile in building projects and a nice option for reducing your overall cost of custom cabinetry. New variations of plywood can withstand more punishment as well.

Good Strength to Weight Ratio

This is important for cabinetry because many of the popular stone surface materials that are used today like granite, quartz and marble are extremely heavy and rely on strong cabinet foundations to balance the weight which prevents the countertops from cracking and breaking. High-end plywood has proven up to the task and holds up well over time.

Surface Stability

This relates to the ability of the material to withstand moisture and temperature, and the combination of laminated structure and veneer layers admirably holds up this abuse, which is prevalent in the kitchen and bathroom area.

Plywood is Available in Many Variations

As you can see there are many pluses to using plywood for your cabinets. If these weren’t reasons enough to choose high-end plywood, you might also note that plywood is readily available in virtually every market and the price is very reasonable. The labor involved with cabinet making can be extremely expensive, not to mention the other materials you will use (fixtures, countertops…etc) so saving the expense of hardwood for plywood can be the difference between checking off all of the “wants” on your list versus only a few. Plywood comes in many variations so if you decide that is the way to go, just discuss your project with your local hardware shop and they should be able to point you toward a style of plywood that is strong and reliable.