Five Kitchen Trends that will define design in 2016
Each year, the quintessential kitchen changes form. So what is it going to look like in 2016?Don’t expect something overly futuristic because transitional is here to stay for some time, according to experts.

So there will be a little bit of the glam of the 80s clubbed with multifunctional new gadgets to replace traditional work spaces. It promises to be an exciting year for anyone who’s thinking of redoing their kitchen.

Here’s our pick of the five trends to keep an eye out for if your kitchen remodel is on the cards.

The Colour Palette

The dominance of White in Kitchen design was on the wane in the past few years. 2016 promises to bring muted colours like gray to the forefront. This does not apply solely to the cabinetry either. Expect subdued colours like charcoal or neutral ones like tinted whites in even backsplashes. You can say goodbye to bold primary colours for accents too for now.

The arrival of the super kitchen

The future is here and how. The good old American Kitchen has always doubled up as a hub for social dos and occasionally as a study room for kids. But now, it’s time to accommodate the gizmos. Countertops will have docking areas for tablets and charging points for cell phones. And it’s not limited to additional power outlets. Multitasking appliances will replace conventional ones for more efficient usage of countertop space. The combination of cooktop and wall ovens has been a rage.

The Metallic

Metallic finishes were in vogue last year. But rather than going full throttle with metallic finishes, the usage was limited to small doses peppered around the kitchen in the form of faucets and cabinet accessories. 2016 may be the year of metal range hoods and wood will be on the backburner. Apart from the welcome change, it also brings in the much needed contrast in an otherwise neutrally shaded kitchen. Keep an eye out for brushed steel as opposed to the shiny finishes of yore.

Store more

If you have struggled with kitchen clutter, then there’s a whole range of compact storage units to choose from this year. Hidden cupboards, pull out drawers, integrated appliances and kitchen islands allow you to maximize space utility without looking like every nook and cranny is stuffed to capacity. The result is a spacious looking kitchen that remains clutter free.

Ambient lights

There’s nothing novel about cabinet lights. But with new energy efficient LED technology and DIY options like light tape strips and rope lights, setting ambient light has become easier than ever. And the ease of use of these lights allows usage at previously unreachable places like under cabinets, above cabinets and even below overhangs.

While aesthetics still scores high on people’s expectations from their kitchen remodel, efficient functioning is slowly but surely gaining prominence. Irrespective of the trends which can be used mainly as a point of reference or a motivation, kitchen design should focus on individual needs and goals.

If you can incorporate these trends into the kitchen you have visualized for yourself, then by all means, go for it.