How To: Assemble a Base Garbage Pullout Cabinet

Pull out cabinets allow you to maximize the space in your kitchen and also allows easy access to the inside of the cabinets without having to pick through it in darkness. When it comes to a cabinet for your under-the-sink garbage, having a pull-out option means that your garbage bin will not only be easier to access but it will also help you avoid messy spills.

And assembling a pull out cabinet for your kitchen is easier than ever thanks to premade cabinet sets. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to remodel their kitchen in a cost effective way.

In this article, we will explain how to assemble a base garbage pullout cabinet using a premade cabinet kit.

Before beginning with the installation, you will need a few basic tools. Keep a rubber mallet, wood glue, a Philips 32 screwdriver and a drill handy.

Getting Started

In a work area with sufficient room, remove the contents of the cabinet box and keep them aside. You may also use a part of the box as a work surface to prevent the cabinet face from getting scratched or damaged.

Now, remove one part of the cabinet box with the cams and dowels facing upwards. You will see that there are female indented joints on the inside of this part. Apply wood glue in each of these joints. Then install the bottom toe kick on one side, the top shelf, the middle shelf and the bottom shelf into these grooves and secure them with the rubber mallet.

Ensure that each shelf has fit in correctly and securely before proceeding with the rest of the installation.

Slide the back panel into the dado with the finished side facing inwards and secure it firmly. Now keep this box aside.

Similar to the first part, place the other part of the cabinet on the work area and apply wood glue on the indented joints. Now fix this into place on the completed part which was kept aside and secure it with a rubber mallet.

This completes the installation of the cabinet box. The second part of the installation is to install the ball bearing glider.

There are two parts of the glider. The male part and the female part.

Pull out the male part first and screw it to both the sides of the pull out unit. You have to ensure that the glider is parallel to the rack and installed at an equidistance on both the sides. In other words, it must be installed parallel to each other on either sides of the unit.

Use a pencil to mark the positions where you need to install the female part of the glider in the cabinet box and screw it into place using the drill. Similar to the male part of the glider, this must also be installed parallel to each other on both the sides. Now the gliders are installed and you can slide in the rack and check if everything is working correctly.

That’s it. It’s time to enjoy the convenience of your garbage pull-out cabinet.