How to construct a wall end open shelf cabinet

If you are looking to add some extra storage space to your kitchen or bathroom, then you might want to consider adding a wall end open shelf cabinet. This is a simple project that you can complete yourself on a weekend or even as an evening project after work.

In fact, this is probably the easiest piece you will ever put together and really shouldn’t take more than ten minutes of your time, even if you are a complete novice. These shelves are the perfect way to add storage space to the often unused area where two walls meet and can be used in a number of incredibly creative ways, particularly as a extra storage option in your kitchen or even your bathroom.

To assemble the wall end shelf cabinet you will only need the following tool:

  • A Phillips No 2 screwdriver or similar sized drill screwdriver attachment.

Begin by removing all the contents of the pre-packed wall end open shelf cabinet box. Even though there are not many pieces here, it pays to keep everything neat and tidy, so separate the two wooden frame parts, the two shelves and the various screws that you will use during the construction.

You can easily assemble this unit on your kitchen table or counter, keeping everything in close proximity as you build the kitchen cabinet. No drilling will be necessary during the construction of the cabinet as everything is pre-drilled for you, making everything far easier.

Start by taking the two sides of the cabinet which can be attached to each other using the relevant screws. The easiest way to do this is to place one piece flat on the surface and the other on the side of it, forming an “L” shape. Remember, this must form a right angle which allows it to fit perfectly in the corner where two walls meet. Be careful not to turn the screws in too tightly and to crack the wood but tighten them enough to ensure that the cabinet remains rigid.

Now onto the shelves. These provide even more rigidity for your cabinet as well as the all-important storage space.

It is very easy to see exactly where these need to fit as there is a slight groove cut out of the frame for them to easily slide into. Attach the bottom and middle shelves and screw into place at the back of the framework of the cabinet. Make sure you have everything lined up perfectly before you begin to turn in the screws, otherwise they might miss the shelves and come through the framework itself. It is better just to take your time at this point and do everything methodically.

Lastly, you need to attach the top section of the cabinet which will add the final structural rigidity to it. Again, this is relatively straightforward to do. Check that all the screws are tightened properly, and your cabinet is finished, ready to hang.

The only thing left to do now is to enjoy the extra storage space that you have created for yourself with this simple project!