How To: Construct a Wall Diagonal Cabinet

Diagonal wall cabinets are stylish and also allow you to maximize space utilization in a kitchen corner. Add lazy susans to them and you have easy access to the tray items too.

If you were planning to skip diagonal cabinets due to the added cost, then there’s no reason to.

Now, with premade cabinets, you can easily install one on your own within minutes.

It might seem like a difficult task considering the unique proportions of these type of cabinets. But with some basic tools and easy-to-follow instructions, you can have a diagonal wall cabinet for your kitchen within no time.

The Tools

Having the right tools handy makes the job so much simpler. And you do not have to leave the task midway to look for a screwdriver or a mallet.

So keep a rubber mallet and a #2 Philips screwdriver with you.

Now, in your work area, remove the contents of the cabinet box and take time to verify that you have all the parts that are listed in the instruction sheet.

You can also take your time to familiarize yourself with each and every part of the cabinet box so that during installation, it becomes easier to know which part goes where.

Optionally, you can also remove the upper part of the cabinet box and use it as a surface to avoid the cabinet panels from getting scratched when you work on them.

The Installation

Premade cabinets are designed for easy installation and have predrilled slots for installing cams and dowels. The first step is to place all the panels face down on your work area and then install the cams and dowels. If you are constrained for space, then you can also do these one by one.

Once you are done with this, it is time to install the locking mechanisms.

The locking mechanisms should be installed correctly to ensure that you can dismantle the cabinet if need be. The arrows should point in the direction where the cams will come in.

Now place one of the top panels with the finished side inward and the dowels facing upwards and lock the cams with the screwdrivers. Similarly, place the bottom panel and secure it by locking the cams.

Once both the top and bottom panels are in place, place the same side panel on to these, secure it with the rubber mallet and then lock the cams.

Now in similar fashion, install the other back panel and the side panel, secure it with the mallet and lock the cams.

If done correctly, you should have the complete frame of the cabinet now except the back diagonal panel. This can be slid in now. That’s it. The cabinet is complete.

Premade cabinets also come with shelf clips which can be used to install shelves in the cabinet. Ensure that you wipe off any dust inside the cabinet before you install it on the walls.

With a little forethought and some basic tools, you can complete the assembly of the diagonal wall cabinet smoothly.