Top Mistakes Commonly Made with Home Renovations

Top Mistakes Commonly Made with Home Renovations

If you want to renovate your home and improve the space you live in, it can be easy to jump ahead of the game and try to do the project on your own. Of course, you may think that handling the renovation yourself is easy, but the fact of the matter is, it is more labor intensive than you know.

There are a number of mistakes that are made when homeowners attempt to do their own home or bathroom renovations and we will cover some of these mistakes below.

Mistake #1: Not Having a Budget

Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste, you need to have a budget – but even if you do have that much money, you should still have a budget.

Homeowners often head into a renovation project without a budget in mind and what happens when you fail to create one is that you spend too much money.

If you spend too much, then you may quickly find that you are unable to afford to replace the flooring in your bathroom or you may run out of money and you cannot replace the fixtures, thus leaving you with an incomplete project.

To keep you in line, make sure you set the budget BEFORE you start shopping and before you begin the project. This way, you know how much you can reasonably spend on each element.

Mistake #2: Not Understanding Their Project or Needs

Another common mistake made by homeowners is that they do not understand the scope of the actual project and they underestimate it.

A lot of work goes into a renovation project and it is not as cut and dry as it may seem. It is vital that you understand exactly what is required of the project.

For example, if you want to add cabinets to your kitchen or bathroom, the current cabinets and fixtures may need to be removed and drywall knocked down or replaced. If you do not plan for this, you will be left in a pickle when it comes time to do it.

Mistake #3: Not Planning for Obstacles

Another huge mistake that is commonly made is that homeowners do not plan for any obstacles to arise. While it would be nice for your project to go 100 percent as planned, it is unlikely that it will.

For example, you may find that one cabinet is too big for the space or the paint is not completely dried when you expected it to be. You need to plan for these setbacks and never simply give up the project because something does not go as planned.

Mistake #4: Trusting Any Contractor

Never ever trust just any contractor and make sure that you know who you are working with BEFORE they begin work in your home. If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured contractor, you may instantly find that they disappear when a problem arises.

If you are looking to have your bathroom renovated, review the above commonly made mistakes by homeowners, so that you can avoid them when it comes to your project.