Home Renovations to Tackle During a Staycation

Home Renovations to Tackle During a Staycation

Should you find yourself with a little extra vacation time at the end of the year and no plans or maybe just a slow time in the middle of the year at work, it might be an excellent time to complete a DIY renovation on your home. When you have decided to work on a project or two during your time off, you should spend some time reviewing what might take priority and how big a project it could become. These factors should help you narrow your project list to a couple of small-to-medium sized tasks that can be accomplished in a week or less.

The following three suggestions represent some nice projects that won’t break your bank or your back and allow you to get a little R&R while you knock out a much need task around the house.


Kids carry baggage. That’s not a bad thing and it is 100% true. Toys collected at birthdays and Christmas always come with about 50 accessories, not to mention the trove of Legos, books and board games. The clutter can be overwhelming at times, so what better way to remove it than to spend a portion of your staycation making a home for all those little pieces and parts. Building a network of different shaped boxes to mount on the walls makes compartmentalizing the clutter a fun task that your kids will enjoy. This also keeps the floor clear for foot traffic and allows vacuuming and cleaning tasks to get done easier. You can paint the boxes in various bright colors to stay with the fun theme and it is sure to make your children want to play in the space.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is an area where you can spend a lot of money if you have the budget. For the purpose of this article, the renovations are limited to projects that can be completed by the homeowner in a short period of time, so with that being said you should consider things like switching out cabinet doors, painting the cabinets, hardware changes or minor upgrades like building a backsplash. You can find lots of surface colors at your local hardware store for paint upgrades, and surface changes like new tile, laminate and composite materials for upgrading your floors or countertops without breaking the bank.

Modern Themes

The trends for the last few years and moving forward generally lean toward a more modern style with clean lines and simplistic appointments. This minimal style is also seen as convenient and functional due to the lack of clutter and ease of cleaning. During your staycation you might consider installing laminate on your countertops that resembles stainless steel to save some money. A nice new backsplash with cool colors like light blues and grays will add to the classic and clean feel of your kitchen as well.

Increase Home Value and Comfort

These are just a few tips and tricks you can use to minimally upgrade your home while you take a few days to relax and enjoy getting some things done. Overall you can expect to get a two-fold benefit from your upgrades that includes a nice level of comfort and a small increase in your home value too.