Home Renovation Improvements that Add Value in 2016

Home Renovation Improvements that Add Value in 2016

Should you decide that 2016 is the year to make your leap into the world of home improvement, you can take comfort in knowing you are joining thousands of other intrepid individuals that are making the choice to roll up their sleeves, dig in their heels and make the home they want, no matter if it is for their own long-term comfort, or to gear up for a sale. It can be an exhilarating feeling to come to this conclusion, but you can be sure there is plenty of work ahead. Just how much work depends on the degree of change you wish to make and your mechanical aptitude. Home improvements will add value, but there are certain areas like kitchens and baths that see greater returns on your investment than others. Some are harder to quantify, like curb appeal for instance, but they will go a long way in attracting buyers to your door.

We Do All Types Of Renovations

Depending on your home improvement budget, you may just want to start small and that’s not a bad thing. You can still see nice, valuable improvements in the form of a brighter shade of paint or some expertly placed lighting that makes a dark, cold room into one that is inviting for family and guests. Speaking of experts, you would do well to consider a design firm if you plan on any large scale renovations like remodeling a room or building a wall. That type of renovation generally requires a licensed contractor that can pull the required permits if you are removing a wall or changing the utilities. Other small but significant home improvements include painting (or re-painting) your front door in a nice complementary shade like red or black that is considered a welcoming and classic choice.

Time To Be Creative

Bigger renovations that are yielding nice dividends in 2016 include bathroom and kitchen additions or remodeling jobs. The returns you can expect to see on those two rooms is generally in the 80-100% range which is an investment any financial analyst would encourage a customer to make. Gone are the days when materials and colors were scarce and renovators had a select few options for their renovations. These days new shades incorporated into tile and other stone surfaces seem to come out multiple times a year. Countertops made of quartz, granite and glass can now all be tailored to the color scheme of the rest of your kitchen, so that unique backsplash you were considering can seamlessly blend with your walls and counters. Light fixtures are much the same way – you can find a fixture for any room no matter if it is a classic style or a fun and funky contemporary room.

Maintenance and Improvements

No matter what you decide to renovate and the degree to which you do it, 2016 is a year that will see many homeowners test their comfort levels with DIY home improvements and there is no reason you should not be one of them. Should you still be on the fence about making your own improvements, you can re-direct your efforts and money into regularly scheduled maintenance of the appliances and utilities you do have. These would include your HVAC, laundry machines and air ducts among others. People do not always look for brand new furnishings, sometimes the lived-in look will appeal to buyers, just want to make sure all of your amenities are in good working order.