Types of Flooring for a Bathroom

Just because your bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in your house it does not mean you can ignore its finishing touches such as the floor. One of the first things people will notice when they walk into your home, and into your bathroom for that matter, is your choice of flooring. When it comes to bathrooms there are a few choices of materials to use for a floor, but there are lots of options to select from for finishes and textures within those materials.


This is one of the most popular choices for bathroom floors. There is a lot of variety out there in look of tile, so it provides a ton of different finished looks. Tile also has the benefit of being easy to clean while being durable and waterproof; both of which are incredibly important in a room that gets as much use as your bathroom. As a pro tip it is very important to select a tile that is certified as slip-resistant as that can be a major risk in a room where water may sit on the floor. Tile can be cold, but if installed over a floor heating system it is a cozy feeling floor. This type of flooring can be really tricky to install, so to get the look you are hoping to achieve it is best to hire a professional to do this.


This is one of the most budget friendly options for a bathroom floor renovation. Like tile it is also easy to clean and durable. If you choose a high quality vinyl (read: not sheet tile vinyls) you can reduce the amount of seem you have in you floor which will reduce the spaces where water can slip under and cause bubbling or mildew build up.


Cork is actually made from bark, which makes this kind of flooring a highly renewable resource and very friendly to the environment. This kind of flooring will require a top coat to seal it so moisture does not seep into it, and you should reapply this top coat every couple years. In order to prevent water and moisture breaking through the floor it is recommended to select unfinished cork flooring and then finish it onsite after the installation. This ensures the floor is sealed correctly after it has been installed.


This flooring is also from a highly sustainable resource that is very environmentally friendly. Not only is it responsibly resourced it is also very, very budget friendly in comparison to a flooring like tile. If you are choosing bamboo it is recommended to select engineered bamboo because it is much more durable and is ideal for damp environments like bathrooms.


This is a very classic choice for flooring in multiple rooms throughout your house, and your bathroom is no exception to that. Either solid wood or laminate wood flooring will provide your bathroom with a finished, classic look but engineered wood will stand up better to a wet environment than solid wood will, as solid wood is much more likely to warp or bubble when exposed to moisture on a consistent basis.

Regardless of which kind of flooring your select each kind provides a unique look with a lot of variety in finish colour, so there will always be something to complete your desired look. By choosing the right flooring for your bathroom you will pull together your vision and make sure your renovation brings enjoyment to your home.


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