Trends in Bathroom Tile

There are a whole lot of options with regards to selecting bathroom tile for your renovation project, but that does not mean it has to be overwhelming. Tile is a very popular option for both flooring and tub or shower surrounds; it is durable, stylish and is an option you can install yourself in some cases. Tile is not an expensive option, usually, although depending on the style selected it can add up quickly. Think about your budget and the size of the area you want to tile before you decide to do it. If it is the right option for you there are a lot of trends growing in popularity out there for 2016.

Reclaimed Wood

This material is growing in popularity this year as an alternative to tile. The finish is rustic and provides a very natural look to the space. This kind of tile is normally not consistent in terms of colour so when installed it gives a very organic and modern feel to the space.

Graphic Mosaics

Rather than scattering tiles across the space people are taking the approach of a more intentional pattern, so that it is a repeated section of pattern across the space rather than a random array of small tiles.

Faux Marble

Real marble is really delicate, prone to staining and incredibly expensive. However, thanks to modern technology there is material that mirrors marble so closely it is hard to tell the different, but without the negative aspects of real marble. This material is much more durable and easier on your wallet so you can have the appearance of a luxury bathroom with the durability of an everyday one.

Three Dimensional Finishes

These tiles have a textured look to them, so when you are entering the space it appears as though they are actually sticking out from the wall. This finish definitely catches the eyes of your guests, and will impress them all.

International Vibes

Tile in a Moroccan style is very popular right now: replacing subway tile and square glass tiles these soft and curvy pieces in elegant shapes create a seamless and luxurious feel to the space. They usually have a high-gloss finish so they have a very high end look to them.

Matte Finishes

Usually in a bathroom the finishes are about shiny and glossy, but recently honed, matte finishes have become much more popular. You can use them to make your space appear softer and more delicate, or use them to offset a central piece so that you do not have too much going on in the space.

Large Sized Tiles

Currently consumers are installing large sized tiles in their bathrooms. Oversized tiles create a seamless and smooth finish to the space, and if you have a bathroom on the smaller side they can actually make your space appear larger and more put together.

Restrained Accents

If you are not completely into an entire space done in a bold, statement tile you can keep things neutral. You can use small subway style tile in pops of colour and run them around the room in a narrow strip. This can be done at a chair rail height so it breaks up the wall nicely.

Overall you do not have to use all of these trends to make your bathroom look modern but these are guides to help you design a bathroom that your friends and family will all be jealous of. No matter which way you go, thinking through how your end result will look will provide you with an amazing space you will be proud of, and one that will have potential buyers wanting to purchase your home.


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