Top 10 Bathroom Accessory Trends for 2016

Bathrooms are one of the most important, and often used, rooms of your home so it is completely normal to want your bathroom to be current, edgy and really modern. There are so many varieties to choose from when it comes to finishes, texture and design of your bathroom, and your renovation is completely up to you. However if you want your bathroom to be cutting edge and a room all your friends will be jealous of you might want to consider these ten bathroom renovation trends for you 2016 project.

  1. Trough Sinks

This sounds like something that is completely not classy, right? Well, keep an open mind here: this type of sink is basically a double sink without the divider in the middle and it can be useful to two people trying to get ready at the same time. These are different than the double sink vanity style made popular in the 1980s as this is a single sink big enough to be useful to two people, and can be used to hand wash large items. This become popular late in 2015 by some early trend setters, but it is definitely picking up steam for 2016.

  1. Shower Benches

Historically showers were just used to, well, shower. You stand there, do your thing and then get out. Recently, though many more bathroom renovations are seeing shower seats being installed in walk in showers for those with difficulty standing or even for some who just want to sit down while they wash their hair.

  1. Accessible Showers

If you are putting a lot of money into this home renovation then chances are you have thought this through and are going to stay in your home for quite some time. Great, but did you think about how your brand new shower will work with you as you age? Accessible showers might be something as simple as a curbless walk in shower so you are not stepping over something to get into your shower. This means you will be able to use the beautiful new shower you installed for years to come.

  1. Square Fixtures

Share shaped, or angular designs, are really popular right now. Squares are really versatile and work well to give a modern, contemporary look and feel. You can install a square showerhead or faucet, or both, to add much more modern look and feel to your bathroom.

  1. Free Standing Bathtubs

A lot of bathtubs are being taken out in favour of walk in showers because most people only use the shower function of their tub/shower combination, but for those who love the idea of a bath the trend is definitely with free standing bathtubs. These units are completely separate from your shower, and they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of placement within your bathroom.

  1. Open Storage

The trend right now is definitely for shelving that is transparent, and it is incredibly trendy to roll up plush towels that coordinate with the colour of your bathroom and put them on these shelves.  You could put a variety of other things on them, too. So, whatever you put on them, though, open shelving is very big right now.

  1. Open Bathroom Vanities

This is similar to the previous trend, except that this is the storage that is under your vanity unit. This trend, though, can have some big negatives. For example think about what you keep under your bathroom sink: cleaning products, toilet paper, etc. So do you really want these items to be out in the open? Further if this is the main, or only, bathroom in your house your guests will see all these items. If you have a closet you can store them in then perhaps this is the route to go, but just think carefully before selecting an open storage bathroom vanity.

  1. Heated Floors

Since most bathroom floors are tiled it is no secret that they get cold, and can be a wake up call on those cold winter mornings but they do not have to be. Heated flooring is becoming much more popular, especially electric heat systems. Electric heat helps to dry out the moisture and humidity that is typically found in a bathroom due to hot showers or water being splashed around.

  1. Anti-Fog Mirrors

This pretty much speaks for itself: you no longer have to wait until your bathroom steam disappears so you can see yourself in the mirror. These mirrors will not fog up with steamy showers so you can see to put those contact lenses in right out of the shower if you wish to.

10.Lights in the Shower

If you are installing a walk in shower you may want to consider putting lights, like recessed lights, into the shower. So instead of relying on whatever light source the bathroom has your shower will have its own source of lighting, and you could even install custom controls so you can adjust the lighting as needed.

Of course these trends are not ones you have to follow while completing your bathroom renovation this year, but if you want your bathroom to be the renovation project everyone is talking about you might want to consider at least some of them; especially those heated floors or free standing bathtubs. By utilizing a few of these trends you will have everyone jealous of your new luxurious bathroom in no time.

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