Tips to Lower the Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen and bathrooms are two of the most-remodelled rooms in Toronto-area houses. And why not? Both of these rooms have multiple fixtures and appliances that become outdated over time. As with any other room in your house, these rooms also require updates to their paint colour, flooring, and countertop materials.


Even though a bathroom is a much smaller room than the kitchen, bathroom renovations can still get expensive if homeowners dont carefully control costs. Thankfully, there are tips you can use to lower the cost of your bathroom renovation. The folks at Kitchen and Bath are experts in bathroom remodelling, and they’re also experts at keeping things cost-efficient. Here is some of their insider knowledge about lowering the final amount youll have to pay out when you remodel your bathroom.

Keep the Same Plumbing Footprint


Its easy to get carried away when you start imagining the bathroom of your dreams. We can move the shower over here, and well put the marble tub over there…” Unfortunately, moving plumbing around is a large undertaking and it can get rather expensive. If you must move anything, know that sinks are typically the least expensive fixtures to relocate.

Create One Focal Point

Choose one item where you will splurge a bitand thats it. If you spring for the really expensive bathtub, let that be the pièce de résistance of your beautiful bathroom. Try to cut costs as much as possible in all the other areaswhile still maintaining quality, of course.

Change Out That Old Vanity


Your bathroom vanity is one of the first things people notice when they enter the room, so simply installing a new one can create a big amount of change for a small amount of money. Opt for one of the many new vanities on the market, or search Toronto-area antiques dealers and consignment shops for an older vanity that will give your bathroom a classic, or even eclectic, look.

The Power of Paint  


Its amazing how much you can transform an entire bathroom with a few coats of paint. Updating from a dark paint colour to a lighter one can make a small bathroom seem larger. You can choose bright, unexpected colours to give your bathroom an unexpected, zany flair. For a spa-like feel in your bathroom, opt for colours that are softer and muted. If youre not sure what the affect will be, paint a few small samples in different areas before you commit to one. If youre feeling confused and clueless about where to start with colour choices, the design team at Kitchen and Bath can help direct you.

The Little Things Matter

You cant imagine the impact of small changes in your bathroom. Changing out faucets and handles can transform a traditional, outdated-looking sink area into one thats snappy and modern. Adding in furniture youve scavenged from other parts of the house (or adding things youve found while venturing around Toronto) can change the look up considerably. Hunt for artwork you enjoy and hang it in the bathroom. Accessorize with items that create a soothing, spa-like feel in your bathroom. Roll up towels and stack them where you can see and easily grab them. Place attractive containers of bath salts or a dish of nice-smelling soaps out.

A bathroom renovation is a combination of big and little changes. No matter how much you plan to redo, know that by being creative and willing to try new things, you can definitely lower the cost of your bathroom renovationwhich means youll get a beautiful result without breaking the bank. Additional Articles about Kitchen Cabinets:

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