Tips for Installing a New Bathroom Vanity

A brand new vanity, or sink and vanity, can make a large difference in your bathroom, and really it is just one small upgrade that is quite budget friendly. There are a lot of options when it comes to changing a bathroom vanity, from open storage to simply a pedestal sink. Regardless of the path you decide to take and which kind of vanity you want to install there are common tips and items to take into consideration you will probably find helpful during your renovation journey.


If you are changing from a pedestal sink to a vanity you do not really have to worry about this, but if you are going the other way you will probably have to work out the plumbing to ensure it is hidden in the wall. For this you might want to call a plumber because, well, they are the professionals.

Residual Water

So you are ready to go, all your materials have come in and they have been sitting in your living room for a couple weeks now. You are just ready to do this, but have you remembered the little things such as turning off your water? And if you have, make sure you have a bucket, or something like it, handy for when you pull apart any plumbing because there will usually be a small amount of water hanging out in the pipelines.

Vanity Removal

Cut through any caulking that might be in place to seal the current unit in place before you make any attempt to remove it. You can do this using a putty knife or a drywall knife, and then you can disconnect the top of the vanity from the wall instead of tugging on it or trying to just pull it away from the wall.

Arranging Plumbing

When you are purchasing your new vanity you should always take into consideration the current plumbing situation you have. If your plumbing is outside the wall you will want to make sure the drawers or storage of your vanity suit the arrangement you have. If the plumbing is already inside the wall then you do not have the same issues to deal with, but just something to think about before you make the purchase.

The Faucet

A lot of bathrooms are really small and tight on space, so here’s tip for saving you, and your crew of helpers, a lot of time and frustration: when you are installing a new vanity you should install the faucet before you install the unit so that way you do not have to try to maneuver your way around once the new vanity is installed.

Level it Out

Before you actually fasten this unit to the wall you want to make sure it is level. If it is not level you can insert wooden shims under the unit to make it so. And if you have multiple cabinets or units you can screw them together to make sure if one is even and level they all are.

Find the Studs

Before you attach anything to the wall you want to make sure you have found the studs. You can do this using a stud finder and then marking it on the wall before you install it. If you are taking out an old vanity you might want to keep in mind where the old screws were, as chances are they were attached to studs.

Take off the Doors

When you are installing your vanity take off any doors or remove any drawers the unit might have. By doing so you make sure to avoid any kind of potential damage that might come during installation because they move around and might come out.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Always measure before you make a purchase. If your new vanity is bigger than your old one make sure you have the extra space needed to make it fit properly. If it is smaller you might want to make sure the newly revealed space is appropriately painted and there is not any water or moisture damage.

Allow for Expansion

Pipes might expand and contract with heat and moisture, so when cutting the holes in your vanity to allow for the pipes it is highly recommended that you cut the holes about a quarter inch bigger than what your pipes are to allow for this just in case.

No mater what kind of vanity or storage unit you decide to install there are tips and tricks to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible. It is really important to do all of your research and measuring ahead of time, and definitely before you order or make a purchase, because a lot of vanities are custom or made to order and may not have a return policy. Keep in mind that just because something looks good in the show room it does not mean it will look the same in your bathroom, so take the time to make sure you are making the right decision based on the space you have and your desired finished look.

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