Bathroom Renovations Toronto

Two of the most popular home renovations for Toronto home owners are the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. That’s why at Kitchen and Bath, we specialize in these two areas. We also offer custom solutions for closet space and entertainment units, so you can be sure that your finished product will be as unique and beautiful as you deserve.

So You’ve Decided to Renovate Your Bathroom

Congratulations! Studies have shown that bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms in your home where you can expect to get the largest returns on your renovation investment. Right from the start you’ve got to be pretty pumped about that, so take comfort in the knowledge that no matter how big or small your project, if you see it to completion you can expect to be rewarded handsomely in terms of the value you’ve generated. The information below will provide you with a general guideline for your bathroom renovation and that should help determine the extent of your project and how much it might cost. Good luck!

What services are considered bathroom renovations?

These can range from changing some fixtures to installing a heated floor. The most common renovations include:

  • Replacing/Retiling floors
  • Updating fixtures
  • Repainting
  • Changing out old lighting
  • Installing a skylight
  • Adding a jet tub or steam shower
  • Heated floors
  • New plumbing

How long do bathroom renovations take?

The answer to this question really depends on how much or little you intend to do from the list above. You can also expect the project to take longer if you are doing it yourself as opposed to hiring a professional contractor. To be honest, anything more than floor tile, paint or switching out fixtures should be handled by a professional plumber or electrician anyway. In general a large scale renovation for an average-sized bathroom should take about a week. Bigger bathrooms can take up to two weeks.

Is it a good idea to upgrade mechanical parts during the renovation?

That is actually the perfect time to do so. If you are ripping up the old floor or walls anyway, why not increase the size of your piping or install a new drain? This is the perfect time to add missing valves and upgrade lighting with new switches or a GFCI outlet to prevent circuit overloads while the drywall has been removed. During the initial demolition you can make room for a new exhaust or ventilation without any impediments.

Do I have to buy everything from the contractor?

Absolutely not. There may be a situation where the contractor does not have the fixtures you really want or you might be able to find them at a cheaper source. Any honest contractor that stands behind his/her business like Kitchen and Bath will allow you to select as much or as little of the bathroom components as you wish on your own. Many contractors are fine with only charging the labor cost associated with your project, just make sure this is part of the discussion when you begin your negotiations.

What does a standard bathroom renovation cost?

This answer is usually broken down into the size of the bathroom being renovated which can vary from a half-bath to a master bathroom makeover. At the low end of the spectrum you can expect to $2000 for a toilet and vanity replacement in a half-bath. This cost goes up with the installation of flooring, paint or exhaust ventilation. A master bath generally starts in the neighborhood of $5500 and usually consists of a double-sink vanity, toilet and shower area, but can be greater if you wish to remodel the flooring and lighting.

Some of these costs can seem high, but as mentioned above the average homeowner can expect to receive over 80% of the value for any bathroom renovations they make, so take a look at your budget and plan your renovation carefully. After you have decided on what changes you can afford to make, bring in well-reviewed contractor like Kitchen and Bath to offer a quote and discuss your project.

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So You’ve Decided to Renovate Your Bathroom

Congratulations! Studies have shown that bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms in your home where you can expect to get the largest returns on your renovation investment.

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