Small Spaces 101: What to Do with a Small Bathroom

Ahthe struggle of a homeowner with a small bathroom! You swing the bathroom door open, only to have it bump into the laundry hamper and tip it over. You take off your glasses and toss them on the cluttered countertop, where they land amidst a jumble of toiletries and almost fall into the sink. As you step over the edge of the bathtub, you knock over a bottle of shampoo and send the body wash flying. The entire time you shower, the currents of steam that move through the bathroom cause the dingy, wet shower curtain to blow inward and brush up against you.  

After you emerge, towel off, and get dressed, you decide that youve had enoughyou have to figure out what to do with a small bathroom.

Kitchens and Baths Can Help

If you live in the Toronto area and are at your wits end with your tiny bathroom, Kitchen and Bath has the expertise to help you optimize the space you have without breaking the bank. We know that your bathroom should not only look good; it should be a pleasure to use. Our design experts can help create a bathroom that youll love, regardless of size. Simply put: we know what to do with a small bathroom.

Utilize All Potential Storage Space


Because our expertise is bathroom design, we know all the best and most creative ways of organizing your bathroom. When you have adequate storage and can organize away towels, toiletries, and assorted bathroom supplies, it makes your bathroom appear larger. When you can easily find what you need, it helps create a bathroom space thats more of a pleasure to use. Whether you could use additional storage near your vanity or some shelves in your shower, well find a way to maximize your usable bathroom space.

On the Topic of Showers

Another way that many Toronto homeowners redesign their small bathrooms is to get rid of the bathtub insert altogether and install a custom, walk-in shower. Kitchen and Bath specializes in gorgeous, full-glass shower enclosures that open your bathroom up and make it look larger. In addition to this, a custom shower can include shelves, a bench, or other storage options to keep your shampoo, soap, and other items at hand, while keeping them out of the way.

Aesthetics Matter


Storage and major remodelling are important when youre figuring out how to retool a small bathroom, but cosmetic updates are a huge part of the redesign, as well. Dark paint colours and solid, clunky bathroom furniture can make an already-small space seem even smaller. Our design team knows this, and we can help open up your bathroom with colours and furniture that make it appear light and airy.

New lighting fixtures can make a dark, small room feel brighter and bigger. A large, flat mirror adds depth to the room, reflecting the light and making it feel much larger. There are so many tricks that designers know to make your tiny bathroom feel as though its suddenly grown in size.

Do you have a traditional, hinged door? Trade it in for a sliding pocket door. These doors look more unique than regular doors, and they also have the added value of not taking up as much space when they open and close. Whats moresliding doors come in a variety of styles to match your bathroom decor. You can opt for solid wood, smoked glass, or a combination of the two.

Give Kitchen and Bath in the Toronto area a call and let us take a look at your too-small bathroom. Were sure to come up with a design that will please!  

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