Small Bathroom? We Can Solve This Common Problem

We all dream of having a bathroom thats spa-like, a sanctuary, and an oasis. Ideally, our bathroom is a quiet space that we can visit to refresh and rejuvenate in the midst of our hectic and stressful daily lives. Wide-open countertops, soothing colours, and a spacious shower await us.


However, many of us awake from that dream to walk into a bathroom thats less-than-perfect. The existence of a small bathroom is a problem that plagues many Toronto homes. A tiny, cramped bathroom space allows for only the most basic of our needs: use the restroom, shower, and glance in the mirror as we get ready for the day. Toiletries and towels scatter the too-small space. Rather than wanting to linger and relax, a cramped bathroom makes people want to take care of business and escape.

Thankfully, no matter how your small bathroom problem presents itself, there are ways to solve it. At Kitchen and Bath, we help Toronto-area homeowners create bathrooms that can truly be enjoyed, whether they are big or small. Our design experts have the know-how to:

Make More Room


Depending on the size of your home, we may be able to physically expand the space of your bathroom. If you live in the Toronto area, one of our designers will visit your home for a free consultation to talk about knocking out that unused closet or expanding your bathroom into that big, unused, spare room. If we can create more space inside the bathroom itself, this is a wonderful first step to a redesign that will transform your small bathroom into one you can truly enjoy.

Utilize Storage Space


If a bathroom expansion isnt an option, youll be amazed at the potential storage space thats going ignored in your current small bathroom. Oftentimes, huge amounts of space goes unused as homeowners struggle to find places to store their bathroom paraphernalia. Its often hard for Toronto homeowners to visualize where new storage might go; when youve been staring at the same bathroom vanity or shower for months or years, its tough to imagine anything different. Bring in a fresh set of eyes with one of our design experts. Perhaps youre not utilizing your vertical space? Maybe a shelf or built-in medicine cabinet can be installed near the sink? Shower shelves are another great storage solution for small bathrooms. If theres any potential to add more storage, Kitchen and Bath will find it for you.


Create Illusions


In addition to adding more efficient storage, another solution that we use for small bathrooms is to create the illusion of more space. Kitchen and Bath designers are skilled at working towards creative solutions that make your bathroom look larger, giving you the feel of an open, airy, spacious sanctuary. Strategic use of paint colours and accents can help. New light fixtures will brighten things up. The addition of mirrors can make your bathroom look larger, in addition to moving light around the room. Choosing different bathroom furniture can help, as well. Large, bulky furniture takes up huge amounts of space and makes the room look closed-off and even smaller. Designers may work with you to choose floating furniture or small, pedestal sinks to open up the space.

Dont Despair! Your Small Bathroom Solution Awaits!


No matter what the situation is with your small bathroom, dont throw your hands up in frustration and resign yourself to a lifetime of cluttered countertops and towels on the floor. If you live in the Toronto area, call Kitchen and Bath and schedule a free in-home consultation. Well help you take your bathroom from small to sanctuary in no time!  

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