Renovating Your Bathroom? 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathtub

One of the largest costs when you renovate your bathroom will be the purchase of a new bathtub. With so many shapes, sizes, and bathtub materials on the market, choosing a new one can be quite confusing. Here are 5 things to know when choosing a bathtub to ensure that youre getting the right one.

Consider the Amount of Space


There are a variety of home and condo sizes in the Toronto area andas a result of thisvarious bathroom sizes. A brand new bathtub installation is not one-size-fits-all. Before you start researching different types of tubs, youre going to need to get exact measurements of the area where the tub will be installed. Theres nothing worse than getting your new tub delivered and discovering that it doesnt fit. For this reason, we highly suggest using a professional (like the ones at Kitchen and Bath) to ensure that your bathroom remodel goes as planned from the very beginning. Here are our tips to help you in choosing the right bathtub.  

Choose a Bathtub Material


Different bathtub materials have various pros and cons, so its definitely worth educating yourself about them before making an investment in a tub. Heres a quick rundown:


Fiberglass: The least expensive of all the bathtub materials, fiberglass is durable and lightweight and is available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The reason fiberglass is so inexpensive, though, is because its not as long-lasting. It stains and mildews rather easily and tends to crack over time.  


Acrylic: An incredibly popular bathtub material, acrylic is durable and easily cleaned. Although it can be scratched, those scratches are easily buffed out. Its also hard to stain. People love it for its beautiful sheen and its affordability. Its also lightweight, making it easier to install.


Porcelain: (otherwise known as enameled cast iron): If youve ever taken a bath in an antique claw-foot tub, you know what a porcelain tub is like. They are extremely heavy. When you get in them to take a bath, the metal is very chilly and uncomfortable. Theyre also very pricey. Prone to scratches and chipping, these tubs are also difficult to repair once theyre damaged.


Marble: A bathtub made of marble is more expensive than one made of acrylic. Although they are easy to clean and maintain while the gelcoat finish is intact, once that wears away, they become more easily stained and damaged. Marble tubs can be prone to thermal shock (which cracks them irreparably). Experts recommend examining the underside of any marble tub youre considering purchasing to ensure that its not cracked, bubbled, or porous (good-quality marble wont be).

Sit in the Tub. No, ReallyGet in It!


The best way to determine if a bathtub is the right one is to have the person who will be using it most often try it out. Make sure its long enough. Sit back to see if the backrest has a comfortable angle. Can you lay back in the tub comfortably? Can you get in and out of the tub with ease?   

Find a Look That Matches Your Style


There are a variety of different kinds of tubs available, so itll be easy to find one to match the style of your home. The design experts at Kitchen and Bath will be able to help you choose a tub that will look wonderful with our overall bathroom renovation. From a basic 3-wall alcove tub and shower combination to a gorgeous freestanding tub or an ornate clawfoot tub, theres a tub out there that will help turn your new bathroom into an oasis.

Consider the Extras


When you upgrade to a modern tub, you get the choice to take advantage of some very nifty modern bathroom technology. The old standbythe jetted tubwill help you soothe your tired muscles after a hard day. Many tubs also feature chromatherapy, or color-changing LED lights that turn your bath into a magical, soothing experience. You can also find tubs with attached speakers that play music underwater.

We hope our tips for choosing the right bathtub have given you a bit to mull over. No matter your design aesthetic or lifestyle, the experts at Kitchen and Bath can answer all of your questions and help you choose a bathtub that will make your bathroom a space youll truly enjoy. Additional Articles about Kitchen Cabinets:

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