Bathroom Renovations: How to Get Your Perfect Space

Ever since youve purchased your Toronto home, the bathroom has been an eyesore that youve simply lived with. The faucets are old and splutter when you turn them on. The rose-coloured tile looks like its circa-1972. The bathtub is cramped and cracking. Speaking of cramped, the vanity has no counter space! Theres only one sink and the whole layout of the bathroom is so badly designed that you and your spouse conduct an out-and-out battle for room as you both struggle to get ready for work in the morning.

Enough is enough! After putting up with this for years, the two of you decide that its time to remodel the bathroom. Youve looked at photos online and flipped through lifestyle magazinesyou want one of those bathrooms. One with faucets that work in expected ways when you turn them on. A shower with a luxurious massaging head. A bathtub that you can actually relax in when you want to soak. Storageproper storage so that you can find things! A layout that will allow for more space and ease of use. Most of all, you want your bathroom to feel good. To have a good energy. To look like a spa.

But where do you start? Bathroom renovations can seem so overwhelming. The idea of disrupting your home and your life by ripping a major room in your house apart and rendering it unusable for weeksits a scary prospect. How do you even begin?

A Simple Answer: Planning, Planning, Planning

The best and most smoothly-run home improvement projects come out of careful planning. This means that you cant simply rush headlong into bathroom renovations, making decisions on the fly. You need to consider every aspect of the project before you start. You also need to make sure that everything is ready before you begin.

Consider Your Needs

First things first: what do you need to get out of a bathroom renovation? Do you need more space and better organization? Do you need an improved layout? Are there certain parts of it that are old, broken down, and in definite need of replacement? The first stage of planning is to figure out your mustsfor the project.

Come up with a Number

The next step is to come up with a number. What can you afford to spend? Once youve settled on a budget, look at your musts and figure out how you can accomplish those while staying within your budget.

Consider Your Wants

After youve laid out your absolute must-haves and your budget, you can consider the things youd like to have. Maybe its a jetted tub, a special light fixture, or basin sinks. Pick one splurge item that will make your bathroom something special. If you spend extra money all over the place, youre going to quickly blow your budget. By allowing yourself one special item to spend on, youll control costs while still getting a bathroom that will make you happy.

Dont Compromise on Quality

While you want to control costs, be careful to install materials that are high-quality. It will only waste money later if you have to go back and replace them. Ensure that any items you use are meant to be used in a bathroom (so theyll hold up to exposure to heat and moisture without issue). This is especially important with flooring, wooden materials, and lighting fixtures.

Working with a professional is a huge help in the bathroom remodelling process, as they can answer all of your questions and guide you on your journey. Give the team at Kitchen and Bath a call at 905 581-3762 and consult with one of their experts to get started.

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