Professional Renovation Tips from the Experts

When you are doing a bathroom renovation it can be difficult to know where to spend your money so that you can make the most of it. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom there are areas you can put your money towards that will give you the best return on your investment, and maybe even sell your home quicker if that is part of your motivation for this project.

Splurge on the Finishing Touch

When you are picking out finishes for your bathroom, like counter tops, it will definitely pay off in the long run to go the extra step and upgrade the finishes. A bathroom renovation will give you a better payback than any other home renovation, so spending a little extra to get a finish like natural stone or granite or quartz you will see the most return.

Light It Up

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, and with that it means it is lacking natural light. You should definitely put some serious thought into the lighting in this room; recessed lighting or a big statement light fixture will definitely work well to bring a lot of flattering light to the room and will make it appear much larger.

Bring the Luxury

By adding a free standing bathtub, or really high end faucets and a shower head you will make the bathroom feel like a very high end luxurious bathroom with just a few small touches. You could also add a steam shower or a sauna to bring it up to that next level, too.


Bathrooms have a lot of accessories in them: personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, towels and lots of other things. You need a place to store all of these items, so if you can come with a great storage solution or even a custom storage cabinet you will definitely see the benefit personally, and when you sell your home potential buyers will appreciate the available storage space.

Go Green

By bringing plant life into your bathroom you will create a very natural feeling space. It might seem a little difference, but by having flowers and other greenery in your bathroom you can create a really relaxing and calming atmosphere. You can also make it more appeal to potential buyers with the bright colours of flowers.

Add Colour

When picking out your finishes keep things light because a dark finish can make the space feel dated. If you are set on adding pops of colour do it with items you can easily switch out: towels, baskets, accessories, shower curtains, etc. By adding accessories with pops of colour you are not adding anything permanent to your space, so if potential owners do not like it there is not a lot of work involved in removing the items. This also works if you want to change up the colours every now and then.

By putting your efforts into these areas you can see the biggest returns on your project. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to put your money but by thinking about these tips you will have a better idea as to what you can do to make the most of your money and attract potential buyers.


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