Bathroom Renovations Toronto

Two of the most popular home renovations for Toronto home owners are the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. That’s why at Kitchen and Bath, we specialize in these two areas. We also offer custom solutions for closet space and entertainment units, so you can be sure that your finished product will be as unique and beautiful as you deserve.

Kitchen Renovations

Once you have committed to renovating your bathroom and have planned and re-planned your expenses to squeeze every penny out of your budget, it is almost time to get down to business. The last thing to do before you begin is to generate an action plan so you don’t get bogged down in the details and become overwhelmed by some of the bigger steps in the project. The following items are important points to consider when addressing your bathroom renovation.

At Kitchen and Bath, we can transform your kitchen space with:

  • Budget – The key here is to start with a realistic figure and get all of your bases covered. Should you find that you can purchase all of your wants and remain under budget, you might consider upgrading your fixtures. Just remember to also factor in a safety net for any unforeseen expenses.
  • Functionality – Spend some time considering gold or nickel finishes. Look at tile colour against your wall colours. It is also important to take measurements between the furnishings so that the room has a flow. For instance, you don’t want to buy a vanity that is so large it covers a floor vent, or to have cabinets that are protruding away from the wall in such a way that prevents the door from closing.
  • Storage – Make sure to build in a medicine cabinet and linen closet if possible. These amenities are nice to have in close proximity as long as they don’t clutter the bathroom and are discreet.
  • Flooring – Installing flooring is generally an extra expense that the contractor does not include in a base remodel, and if you have even a little experience with installing tile, you can do it yourself and save some considerable money.
  • Lighting – This is a nice area to splurge as you cannot put too much lighting in your bathroom typically. Should you feel the room is too bright, install dimmers on the light switches to resolve the issue inexpensiviely.
  • Ventilation – No one likes a stuffy bathroom, so plan for at least one floor vent and one ceiling exhaust so that your bathroom avoid needless moisture and odours.
  • Plumbing – Most contractors can “rough-in” the plumbing in a standard sized bath for $1500 or less so you should resign yourself to this hard cost as most plumbing tasks should be performed by a licensed professional. They are also pretty creative when it comes to plumbing solutions so do not be afraid to pick their brains.
  • Measurements – The old adage says, “measure twice, cut once”. This means make sure of your lines before making the cut as many times there’s no going back after the fact. This will also prevent you from running into an issue where your furnishings do not fit the space.
  • Contractor – After you know what you want in your bathroom and have a rough idea of how much it costs, then it is time to bring in a contractor to ensure that everything you have planned for can be done. This is the last step before beginning the renovation and when the contractor agrees to the project, the fun can begin.
  • Troubleshooting – Should the contractor find any hitch in the plan, you can then sit down with him/her and discussion alternate solutions. This will inevitably happen once or twice, but your contractors are experienced professionals, so hopefully they’ve worked through similar tough spots in the past.

Bathroom Renovations

All of these steps contribute to the planning phase and if followed carefully they should help effectively prepare for your bathroom renovation without too many surprises. In the event that something unforeseen does come up (after all, you never know what’s behind your walls until you remove them) an experienced contractor like Kitchen and Bath should be able to find an agreeable workaround. Adhering to a plan will help keep your expenses at or near your budget and keep you from getting too overwhelmed once the renovation kicks into high gear.

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