Plan Your Bathroom Renovation: Tips and Tricks

A bathroom renovation is not the easiest job in the world and it takes planning and precision to complete the job properly. If you are not careful or you do not choose the right contractor to perform the job, you may be unhappy with the job performed and you will be left spending thousands more to redo the entire project.

Below, we will go over some bathroom renovation mistakes that you should avoid and keep your eye out for. Avoiding them and preventing them from occurring will ensure that you are happy with the job that is done.

Mistake 1. Not Having a Budget and Overspending

When it comes down to it, make sure that you budget for the project and you remain within your budget. If you know that you can afford to spend $15,000 on your remodel, do NOT spend $30,000 on it. You are only hurting yourself.

In fact, you should avoid overspending on your bathroom renovation as well. It can be easy to go wild and choose all of the best materials and fixtures, but not only is this no very cost conscious, it is not recommended. Your bathroom’s remodel should not cost you more than what your home is worth.

Mistake 2. Not Having a Plan in Place

It can be easy to simply jump into a bathroom remodel without actually thinking about what you want to have done. Before you do this though, you need to have a plan in place. If you do not, you may buy unneeded items or you may purchase something on a whim and then end up hating it later on down the road.

Mistake 3. Overcrowding

While you may want that huge vanity with the double sinks, you probably do not have enough room for it and if you jam it into the bathroom, you will find that your space is crowded and you do not enjoy being inside the bathroom.

Your bathroom renovation needs to take the space you have available into account and work with it. Always purchase fixtures and accessories that do not take up more than a small portion of the space in your bathroom.

Mistake 4. Choosing Trendy Design Materials

While it is okay to want to be trendy and hip with the times, the bathroom is not the place to do it. In fact, your bathroom renovation should NOT use items that are “in” style right now, but use styles that will be evergreen and not date your bathroom.

Remember, you can decorate with trendy items and remove them later on when the time comes. If you choose trendy fixtures, you would need to perform another bathroom remodel just to remove them.

Mistake 5. Not Correcting Mistakes

If you accidentally make a mistake when renovating your bathroom, it is okay. Do not punish yourself for it, but do make sure you correct it. Remember, if you can see the mistake, so can everyone else who walks into your bathroom.

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