How to Select the Best Paint Colour for Your Bathroom

There are very few, if any, hard and fast rules about painting your bathroom but there does seem to be one universal issue: bathrooms lack natural light. So no matter what colour palette you end up selecting your bathroom is likely no different than the majority of other bathrooms out there in that it will be seen under artificial light every day. There are, however, some common tricks to help you make your bathroom look the best it possibly can regardless of which colour you end up selecting for your newly renovated room.

Find a Colour Wheel

Have you ever noticed some colours, like purple and yellow, just seem to pair so well together but you never really knew why? All colour schemes actually come from the rules of a colour wheel; and colours that seem to pair so well together do so because they are across from each other on the colour wheel. Colours that are across from each other on a colour wheel are complimentary and those that are beside each other are very similar or alike. So to find your colour scheme, get a colour wheel.

Take Three

For your new room pick three colours you like in the following categories: a neutral colour, a rich, bold colour and an accent colour and proportion as 70% of the room is neutral, 20% is the rich, cold colour and 10% is the accent colour.

Or, Take Two

If selecting a rich, bold colour just is not your thing do not fear! Instead you could mix two neutral colours and use a distribution of 70% and 30%. If you are selecting two neutrals, but feel it might not be interesting enough you can add some texture into the neurtrals, so while they are neutrals texture will add a little pop to the finished look.

The Rule of Three

When selecting a colour for a room make sure you use it three times in the room. This could mean towels, sink accents, bath mat, curtain, accessories or a piece of furniture in the room.


If you want to have a more energetic, fresh and bright look you can contrast two bright, bold colours. By adding white to bold contrasting colours you can definitely balance out the pop bold colours add. You could also use linens and accessories as the bold colour additions if you think that paint is a little too permanent for your taste. A great colour contrast would be something like blue and orange as they are complimentary and invigorating.

Go Dark

Since most bathrooms are relatively small rooms most home owners stay away from deep, rich colours. This is unfortunate because rich colours, like a cocoa brown, when they are offset with bright white trim can prove to be an amazing colour choice for your bathroom. Darker colour usually give a much more modern and edgy feel to the room, so this should be considered if your taste tends to lean towards clean lines and modern finishes.

Go Natural

Organic colours like robin’s egg blue or seafoam green help to give a more natural feel to your bathroom. They also tend to help soften the hard edges of the fixtures in a bathroom like a vanity or bathtub.

Balance It Out

If you are someone who does not shy away from colour then now is your time to shine, but you may not want to do it with paint. Super bold colours look great when offset by a neutral colour, but paint should not be the thing that is bold and in your face the minute you walk in the room. That kind of pop of colour can, and should, be accomplished with furniture or accessories that are not as permanent as paint. While paint can be redone it is not as easy a task as simply removing a piece of furniture. So perhaps consider painting a neutral colour and offsetting with bold accessories.

Check Out the Rest of Your House

If you are still in doubt take a look around your home; how did you decorate the other rooms you use as frequently as you will use your bathroom? If you have a colour palette you really liked from your living room or kitchen perhaps that is a great place to start. Not only are they colours you know you already like, but by using a similar colour palette you can create a unified look throughout your home.

Choosing a paint colour for your bathroom is not an easy task but by thinking about these points you can narrow down your selection. Painting is not a huge undertaking but it is sizeable depending on the size of your bathroom, so it is important to really think about the colours you are selecting and making sure you are not just randomly choosing something. By really thinking about and considering how you are going to use your bathroom you can choose a colour that is modern, fresh and admired by all your house guests for years to come.