From So-So to Sanctuary: Designing the Bathroom of Your Wildest Dreams

From So-So to Sanctuary: Designing the Bathroom of Your Wildest Dreams

Next to the kitchen, your bathroom is the most important room in your home. You spend time there getting ready to face the stressors and adventures that await you as you set out for each day. When you get ready for bed after hours of noise, demands, and being on-the-go, you return to the quiet of your bathroom to refresh and get ready to recharge. An ideal bathroom is a sanctuary: a peaceful place where one can relax and enjoy spending time.

All too often, Toronto-area homeowners find something to be desired in their existing bathrooms. Old, outdated bathroom furniture or fixtures can leave a bathroom feeling more utility and less like a sanctuary. Mismatched colour schemes in the paint, tile, and countertops distract the eye and dont allow the mind to relax. Lack of storage space makes many bathroom areas downright stressful, with homeowners struggling to find places to put their toiletries, place their towels, and hang their bathrobes.

Professional home designers at Kitchen and Bath in Toronto know exactly how to transform your bathroom from so-so to sanctuary. When you call for a free, in-home consultation, here are some of the suggestions our experts may suggest in order to create the bathroom youve always wanted.


Start with the Practical

First things first: a bathroom thats hard to use is a bathroom thats always going to be hard to enjoy. Our experts will ensure that your bathroom has ample storage space so that everything has a place. When your countertops are cluttered or you cause a small avalanche when you open a cabinet door, your bathroom becomes anything but relaxing. The first step in creating a true bathroom sanctuary is to ensure that from your towels to your beautifully-scented bath salts, you know where to easily find everything in your bathroom.


Speaking of Bath

…another option for your new bathroom sanctuary is a jetted tub. Why go to the spa to relax in a hot tub when you can enjoy one in the privacy of your own home? Massage away tight muscles by lounging in your home hot tub and turning the jets on high. Create a romantic setting for you and your partner in the quiet of your new bathroom. When it comes to turning your bathroom into a relaxing escape, a jetted tub is a game-changer.   

Take Your Shower from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Part of many a beautiful bathroom redesign is the addition of a luxurious new shower. Many homeowners are opting for separate bathtubs and showers, which allows them to truly create a heavenly shower experience. A spacious shower accented with beautiful stone or tile will turn your bathroom from simply another room in our house to a private spa. Luxury shower fixtures (complete with full-body jets) will mean that once you step into your new shower, youll never want to get out.

Spa-like Lighting is the Key to Relaxation

Bright, glaring bathroom lighting is a problem that most Toronto homeowners arent aware of. The folks at Kitchen and Bath know that good lighting is key to excellent bathroom design. Whether its replacing entire fixtures or installing dimmers on existing ones, well help you create a bathroom environment that has ample lighting options to help you get ready for your day, while providing soothing lighting to help you wind down afterwards. It doesnt matter if youre setting the mood for a relaxing soak in your new hot tub or making a quick restroom trip in the middle of the night: bright bathroom lighting is a design sin and we can correct it for you!

No Matter the Bathroom, We Can Create a Design
It doesnt matter whether your bathroom or overall remodel project is large or small, the design experts at Kitchen and Bath can turn it into your ideal sanctuary. Were 100% focused on customer satisfaction and look forward to working with you!

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