Five Tips for a (Mostly) Stress-Free Bathroom Remodel

Remodelling your bathroom can definitely transform the space into something you no longer recognize. Your bathroom can go from outdated and old to modern, clean, and luxurious. If youre struggling with lack of storage space, a remodel can help you better organize your belongingssuddenly, youll have a proper place for those towels, dirty laundry, extra toilet paper, and toothbrushes. A bathroom remodel really can take that room from blah to spa.

Hiring a professional contractor to help with your bathroom remodel is one of the most important steps to ensure that it gets done properly, on time, and on budget. Even with a contractor to guide you, though, it will help if you have the right frame of mind, plan ahead, and do your homework. Here are a few things that will help you get a start in preparing for your upcoming bathroom remodel.

Be Realistic About the Result

If youve got a tiny, cramped bathroom, youre not going to end up with a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a ridiculously huge mansion. If you have idiosyncrasies about your bathroom such as a major problem with the layout, such things are going to require more money to fix. As you go through the process, its important to be realistic about the result. Although amazing transformations are possible, remodelling isnt like clapping your hands and having a genie grant you whatever you desire. There will be limits. Youve also got to be realistic about how much youll have to spend in order to make really big changes happen.

A professional design and remodel team such as the professionals at Kitchen and Bath can help with both of these. A designer who is familiar with bathroom remodelling can take a look at your space and talk with you about all of the ways it can be tweaked, reworked, or completely redone. They can also give you a very good idea of how much it will cost, as well as how much time it will take. When you start out with realistic expectations from the very beginning, you lessen the potential for disappointment later.

Do Your Homework

This is especially important. Research your contractor, the remodel, and the materials that will be used. Keep in mind when you get quotes from contractors that the lowest one does not necessarily mean its the best one. Sometimes, low prices are for a good reason. Look online for reviews and testimonials from past customers. Any contractor you choose should be professional and communicative. If you have trouble getting in touch with them or getting them to respond to messages, thats a red flag. You dont want a contractor who is going to sign on for the job and then disappear and become incommunicative for several weeks.

In addition to researching your contractor, do a bit of reading about the type of remodel youd like to do and what all it entails. Will plumbing have to be moved? What kind of timeline is to be expected from such a project? Are there complex steps that will make it take longer? If you choose a different style of bathroom, can it be done sooner and still give you a result youll be happy with? Reading the experiences of others can help you make decisions to help you balance desire with reality.

Finally, research the materials, fixtures, and accessories youd like to use. Sure, that bathtub faucet looks great in the store, but how does it work once its installed? Will it hold up to years of being used, bumped, and jostled by kids, pets, and clumsy adults?

Realism, planning, doing your homework, and using an experienced contractor can help make your bathroom renovation experience the best possible. Contact Kitchen and Bath to get started today!

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