Consider a Custom Bathroom Renovation

All too often, Toronto homeowners resign themselves to the line of thought that their bathroom is one-size-fits-all. They feel that the bathroom thats been in their home for years is good enough if the plumbing and fixtures work properly. Theyre willing to overlook bulky bathroom furniture thats decades outdated, fixtures that arent up to par with their modern counterparts, lighting thats harsh, unflattering, and downright unpleasant, as well as paint and tile selections that are mismatched and uninspired.


If youre stuck with such a bathroom, you should consider a custom bathroom renovation. Updating an out-of-date bathroom can be life-changing, and many homeowners in the Toronto area who complete such a project wonder why they didnt do it sooner. Although remodelling a bathroom can seem like a long and intimidating undertaking, the experts at Kitchen and Bath can help. When you first begin to consider a custom bathroom renovation, your first step should be to give them a call.

Out with the Old


When you meet with a designer from Kitchen and Bath, theyll work to get an idea of your likes and dislikes and create a bathroom aesthetic that will make you feel happy every time you step through the door. From new paint colours overall to strategically-painted accent walls, well create a colour scheme that will match your style. Were educated on all the latest stone and tile surfaces to turn your bathroom from blah to spa. New fixtures will truly breathe life into your bathroom.


Old bathroom fixtures are more than just an eyesore; they simply dont provide the same function and luxury as todays fixtures. Upgrade your clunky, dual-handled sink faucets into ones with smaller, elegant, single-stem handles. Replace your tired old shower head with a multi-jet fixture that turns every shower into a luxurious massage. Tired of your basic bathtub? Why not install a jacuzzi that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed?

Bathroom Accessibility


Another reason to consider a custom bathroom renovation is to accommodate aging or a change in lifestyle. For elderly people in the Toronto area, the bathroom can pose its own set of hurdles and hazards. Old floor tile that gets slick when wet can create slip hazards that are especially dangerous for older individuals. Traditional bathtub/shower inserts can be difficultif not impossiblefor elderly people to safely step in and out of. Some faucet handles can be difficult for arthritic hands to grasp. Toilets that are too low to the floor can create problems for those with back problems.

When a design expert from Kitchen and Bath meets with you in your home, theyll discuss all of these issues and develop a plan to create a bathroom thats beautiful, safe, and easy to use. New flooring material thats textured will lessen the chance of slipping and falling. We specialize in designing gorgeous, full-glass, walk-in showers that are easily accessible for the elderly. For those who would like to relax in a bath but whose physical state wont allow the use of a traditional bathtub thats low to the ground, a step-in bathtub may be the solution. From new faucet fixtures to taller toilets, well work to make sure your bathroom is luxurious while also being 100% accessible.    

An Excellent Investment


While a custom bathroom renovation adds beauty and enjoyment to your home, its also a really smart investment. Should you ever sell your home, an updated bathroom will make it stand out in the Toronto property market. It will sell faster and at a higher price when potential buyers dont have to take the time and money to remodel and update after they purchase it.

For many reasons, remodelling your bathroom simply makes sense. Let the folks at Kitchen and Bath help you get started on creating the bathroom of your dreams!

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