Bathroom Renovations: How to Get Your Perfect Space

Unless youre a professional contractor, youve probably never remodelled a bathroom before. For most people, the experience is new. They have a general idea of what to expect, but you cant possibly know what its like until youre knee-deep in the midst of the project. Luckily for you, the team at Kitchen and Bath have remodelled bathrooms beforemany of themand have some tips to help guide you during the process. From bathtubs that dont arrive in time to space and organization limits, pros see it all. Here are some of the things theyd like you to know.


Dont Start Until Youre 100% Ready

Ok, maybe you were ready yesterday. We should specify: dont start until you have your supplies ready. Once the project begins, your bathroom is going to likely be torn apart for a few weeks. Your water will be turned off, flooring, plumbing, and fixtures ripped out, and lighting disconnected. The bathroom in question will likely be unusable. Your goal is to have it in this state for the least amount of time possible. In order to do this, dont start until all of your supplies have arrived. Theres nothing more frustrating than having everything ripped apart and being delayed because delivery of the new tile has been delayed.


Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Even if you have a minuscule bathroom, there are clever tips you can use to make things appear larger. For additional storage space, have shelves installed right into the walls of your shower. If youre installing the kind of shower that uses a curtain, consider using a curved shower rod. These arch outward, making your shower feel much more spacious. Remember that lighting plays a big part in the look of your bathroom space. If its small, proper, brighter lighting may help it feel more open.

Use Pricey Tiles as Accents

If youve found a tile that has captured your heartbut its also going to zing your bank accountuse it as an accent, rather than laying it everywhere. Using more expensive tiles as accents combined with cost-effective tiles will not only save you money; it will look amazing.


Shop Everywhere
And we mean everywhere. You may fall in love with a certain vanity at one home improvement store only to find that it will take two months to arrive after youve ordered it. Before you decide that you absolutely must have that particular vanity, shop around and at least consider other options. Shop around at other Toronto-area stores. Look at antique or furniture stores to see if there are cabinets that can be repurposed as bathroom vanities. Shop onlinethe internet is a wonderful resource for remodelling supplies and it comes with the added plus of being able to find reviews of any item youre considering. Shopping online can also save you money. Remember that a successful remodelling project is often a balancing act between getting exactly what you want and getting the project done in a reasonable amount of time.


Hire a Professional
No, really. Unless your job has you remodelling homes every day, a professional will have more experience at getting the project completed. Theyll be able to guide you through the process, help you avoid any unexpected or unwanted surprises, and will be able to assist you in staying on budget. Even betterusing a contractor can save you money by ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time around. To get started with an experienced bathroom remodelling team, call Kitchen and Bath to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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